Group Order from


Awesome, I will bring you monies Sunday.


The order should be in Friday or Saturday if the post is slow. Will any of you be up this weekend? I will likely be up Friday after work and can stash the items in my storage box. I can also come out Sunday.



I won’t be able to make it up Friday evening but can leave money in your bin during the day Friday or Sat evening/Sunday.


Either or sounds good. I will definitely confirm when the goods are in hand.


I’m planning on being there all day Friday


And they came in today so bonus! I’ve got everyone’s items split up and will bring them Friday evening.


It’s a bit unlikely I’ll be up this weekend. I’ve got a bin in the galley though. It’s on the bottom for and has a Phoenix on it. I can either pay you when I see you or PayPal :slight_smile:


I’ll be up after 5pm today. I will put your items in my bin @Jeeves and @ladysandry. PM me if you’d like my email address for PayPal or Venmo, or if you need to know where my bin lives.