Glass Engraving class? I'd like to start one


I’m looking forward to tonight. what is your favored dark beer?


I’m open minded to most anything.
I’ve also been researching the cost of what I’ll need for a small class. I need to acquire motor brushes for a couple of my dremels. I called micheals, and they also have cheap packs of beveled glass blanks.
I’ll be up there this evening, if you’re around, we can chat about my plan. I’m still organizing, however I’m excited to move forward.


@meanbaby do any of those suppliers carry a bevel with no hole. Most of what I find have a predrilled hole as for an ornament. Thanks in advance


Yes, they are for stained glass . please checkout the 3 websites listed above Mary M sent.


Christopher, I will not be at the space again until Friday night. should you need any info John Gorman is a great resource for all things DMS related.


Ps I bought stencil vinyl. It’s located under the desk in a marked vinyl box. I thought it would help with some of the etched glass classes and projects members might be thinking of for Holiday gifts @talkers


Thank you. I’m excited to see this.


Re motor brushes for dremel

I’ve had good luck getting dremel innards on amazon. I had that plastic collet inside fail (lose molecular cohesion, really old) and I found that on amazon. Then got motor brushes while I was at it.