Glass Engraving class? I'd like to start one


A few examples of my work.


I met Chris this week during a laser lab. I’d take a class from him in a heartbeat.


Question. Does this technique produce glass dust? Is that bad?


Yes it will produce some dust. a basic dust mask would be required for a class setting. safety glasses and possibly gloves as well. Though I never use gloves.


Sorta-kinda bad. Breathing anything containing silica regularly can cause silicosis. It gets into your lungs and basically never leaves. Generally speaking, it takes years of exposure before you get symptoms. But, if you’re doing stuff that regularly makes you breathe glass dust, or stone dust, or clay dust, you should probably take precautions. So far as I know (and I really don’t know that much), a simple dust mask should keep you relatively safe. Because, we all would like to keep breathing normally for as long as possible.

FWIW, I found a pack of dust masks at Dollar Tree a couple of years ago.


I am back in town. Would you like to meet at DMS one day this week in the evening? I will be happy to explain setting up classes, and review what tools and materials you will need for a classes.


I teach classes on etching glass using a vinyl mask and etchant, and using the lasers. That is very different from your method. I would love to learn this as well.

@meanbaby will set you up to teach. and I can help as well. Thank you for wanting to share your knowledge!
FYI - many of the posters on this thread are talented artists and fantastic teachers as well.


Excellent. When are you free? My schedule may vary wildly this week.


Thursday evening? I can be there any time after 4:30-5 ish


Thanks! Actually I am in need of your wisdom in exactly those areas! I look forward to meeting you.
I’m making a Christmas ornament i would love feed back on. I engraved all my prototypes by hand, (lengthy process). I would like advice on the best way to go about applying a design to glass efficiently. (and well, Haha!)


I have to work until 7pm. I would be happy to meet after that. I’m also free all day on Wed., until that evening.
I’m excited about this prospect, and will try to be patient, however I feel as though I’ll burst with questions.


I work during the week days. What would your estimated time be on Thursday?


I could Park Lane and Greenville ave around 7pm and arrive at MS aprox. 7:30-45.


Great I’ll see you then


Hi Talkers. I hope you’re well.
When is your next class on vinyl masking?
I’ll be by to play with the lasers tomorrow.


Weds at 7pm. And I see you are in. :v:


Good Morning Christopher ,

Would you like to meet some time next week to go over your supply list?

I m attaching some bevel info., and glass website info reference

Also I think think may be an awesome class to tie in with stained glass. Foiling and soldering together with other glasses would look great. Just a thought.

Thank you,
Anita Willis




Mary M is working on the heart beveled Stained Glass class . I was thinking something etched in the heart would look good? This is just a thought you are not obligated to any suggestions. I will see her Friday and see if she may be interested in doing a class behind your class for am engraved bevel ? if so I will give you her info.

Thank you
Anita Willis