Get ready for 10x10 show

As we have done in the past couple years, we will be hosting a 10x10 art show in conjunction with the October 7 Open House. Everyone is welcome to create something to exhibit on the walls at DMS. Official details will be forthcoming, but you could start thinking about what you’d like to exhibit.

The gist of it … quoting Nicole from last year

All the details are pretty much TBD at this point, but this is roughly what you can expect:

  1. 10" x 10" board should be available from CA in a couple weeks. We will ask for a nominal contribution to cover the cost of the board and the hanging materials. You don’t have to use this board - in fact you don’t have to use any board at all.
  2. It will likely be due about 10 days before the Open House, or roughly 9/27.
  3. There will be a weight limit. In the past it has been 6 pounds.
  4. These boards hang vertically. There will be a limit as to how far off the wall anything can protrude. The prior 8 inch limit was a safety hazard in some cases.
  5. These art works will likely hang at DMS for a couple months.
  6. We are serious that it can be any media as long as it is in the 10 inch by 10 inch format. It can be powered, or not; dynamic or static; flat or 3 dimensional - be creative!

Start thinking about what you’d like to make, and stay tuned for the official details.


Will we have the rails up by then to hang id from

At this point all details are TBD.

I’ve been crap at getting info to Devon for this event. I’m almost back to life. Let’s do this!


Yes. Let’s.

As a beginner to the lasers last year, I found the 10x10 size to be convenient for practicing my new skills. Am excited for another opportunity. Kudos to @uglyknees for starting the tradition and @missydee1206 for continuing it.

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Agree with your kudos to @uglyknees. But I can’t take any credit here - I just wrote the announcement for @missydee1206.

Hoping to get a plan together for acquiring boards and such when I come back from Uncle Sam’s Summer Camp for Wayward Children (aka national guard annual training :laughing: ) next week.

Hoping @Team_PR will agree to help us with the actual displaying of the 10x10 show.


Do you have any pictures of past years completed boards?

There are some hanging on the column on CA.

I don’t know if there’s a collection of them anywhere. @uglyknees likely might have some.

There was a huge range, very simple to very complex. All sorts of mediums and techniques.

Maybe some other folks have some pics they’ll share. The idea is that you have a blank canvas and do whatever it is you do to it, your voice. It was neat what folks came up with.

But I do remember wishing I could get a feel of seeing a few to get the idea before I did that first one. So here ya go :slight_smile:

Here’s mine I did from a couple years ago. Its hanging in my studio now. I’d say mine fell in the middle on complexity, to give you an idea.

It’s basically a taste of some of my favorite mediums, metalwork (the copper stamping with a quote I’m fond of), wirework (the swirly stuff with beads), hand-spinning (cord is 36-ply bamboo I spun from same fibers as background), and fiberarts (background is fused bamboo fiber):


Can we please require that they not protrude more than 4" from the wall? ADA reasons.


I was thinking also for “I am monumentally ungraceful and run into everything” reasons.


Too limiting, ART must be… We must have room for things like this


I don’t know what the hanging scheme will be. We are hoping that the PR team will assist with (or own) this, since PR owns the walls.

Anyway, maybe we could stipulate that anything that protrudes more than a certain amount (like 4-6"?) would be hung above head height. It wouldn’t be as visible, but it also wouldn’t be hazardous.

Then you’re just gonna piss off the taller members hahaha!!!

I would reserve larger pieces for spaces that are not hallways… i.e. inside of Creative Arts or the like.

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I’ll totally help hang and do whatever you need @Adam_Oas is up for anything as well.

I have acquired a few blenders for my 10x10 :grinning:


Happily made the correction. Thanks, John!

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