Election Season coming in April

Hello DMS,

Board of Director Elections are coming up. April will be Elections Month… Here are the dates!

Apr 1: Deadline for Statement of Intent
Apr 13: Meet the Candidates
Apr 14: Deadline to request voting rights
Apr 15: Voting begins online
Apr 28: Voting Ends Online / Friday in person voting (if desired)

Thank you,


What positions for application? Who are the current board members? I’m interested in applying for a position.

Board of Directors election. The subsequent Board may then opt to appoint new Officers.

Also, not sure how Statements of Intent will work out with the transition from the wiki to Confluence with its markedly different permissions and hierarchy.

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Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in running or an officer position. I would be happy to share everything I know about the process and answer any questions that you have. :slight_smile:

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Statement of Intent

There is now a space to put these on Source. You will need to be logged into Source.

There is a button to create your Statement of Intent

Please let me know if you have any problems.

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Thanks for the link to this. I joined too late to register last year, and could not find how to register to vote. Following other links in your Source article explained a lot of things. Hope this helps other new members become more involved in the process.

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Good point… and because it gets buried by a few link layers, here’s the voting registration:

TL;DR: Be a member for 90 days, email Request for voting rights to [email protected]

Snippet from: New Member Information / 411 - Onboarding - Global Site

Brief Explanation of voting rights:

  • DMS has two types of memberships, “Supporting Members” and “Regular Members”
  • You become a “Supporting Member” when you first join DMS
  • After 90 contiguous days of membership you are eligible to become a “Regular Member”
  • Request changes to voting rights via email to [email protected]
  • Only a “Regular Member” may vote
  • If you become a “Regular Member”, you add to the number of voting members required to reach quorum (1/3 of voting members). This means it is especially important for regular members to attend Regular Monthly Meetings. If you find yourself unable to attend the Regular Member Meetings, please switch back to being a “Supporting Member” (even if only temporarily) or assign your vote by proxy to a member you know will be attending.
  • Official policies regarding Voting Rights are described in the Rules & Policies page which is the controlling document.

How to check voting status and also register to vote?

The small kiosk in the common room that is used to verify member class endorsements, was primarily designed to allow members to verify voting status and also register to vote. Has this machine been tested recently? Does this process still work?

(I will add a picture later today)

LampyMakerspace Member

Apr '21

If you want to check if you are in the Voting Rights AD group you can look at your account in Maker Manager https://makermanager.dallasmakerspace.org/

Look for Voting Members on the right side of the page:

I just checked this process, and it seems to work. I requested to be voting the past Friday so I am looking at see to confirm it is updated.


Let’s be careful with this.
This is Maker Manager FOUR, and should be used ONLY for this purpose. Anything else, go to Maker Manager (THREE). https://dallas.ms/makermanager

Yes, these functions DO need melded, and I’m certain our coding volunteers are all over it…and other 9bazillion coding changes we’d like to see…
So for now, please be SPECIFIC and CAREFUL throwing these out there for general consumption.


Hello, I am Kate Hughey, and I am running for election to the DMS Board of Directors for 2023.

My goals this year focus on:

Bringing in new members through Volunteering.

Raising awareness of the benefits of creative self-expression and mental health.

Become a part of the low drama approach to the leadership team.

Why I contribute?

I appreciate and support DMS because the collective minds of brilliant leadership brought me to tears on the walk through. The community is robust with amazing innovation and genuineness.

My DMS membership started in 2022 I believe and my husband and I closed on our home in 2019 in Carrollton, Texas.

Who am I?

I’m Kate, like Jack, I’m yet another maker in the space. I’m currently on the Board of Directors for CART - Carrollton Art a grassroots 501c3, and am acting as the Art Director.

For work I lead a team of engineers and architects that designs and constructs multifamily housing all over the United States. I’ve been an architectural industry leader for over 13 years, from conceptual schematic design, design documentation, construction documentation, to construction administration and completion.

Outside of work I love spending time with my baby, exploring the community, and social circles.

Three of my personality traits:

Concise (I’m always looking for ways to organize and streamline for time efficiency and productivity maximization)

Kind (I’m told by a lot of random people that I have a good heart and good intentions)

Passion and Idea Generation (Art is an economic catalyst. The undercurrent of human existence. That is reflected throughout the various disciplines in Makerspace.)

My favorite thread on Talk:

Creative Arts and Stained Glass Topics.


You can message me on Talk (username KateHughey) or I’m BossKat on Discord, and would like to join there.

If I am elected, I can promise to honor commitments and follow through to the best of my ability.

If I am not elected, I am appreciative of your time and the opportunity to be considered, and will still be eating, sleeping, and breathing self-expression advocacy.


Thank you!

Signed: Kate Hughey


@Julie-Harris ^ Hoping to be considered and secure a seat. Looking forward to the influx of folks on the 25th. There are some coming that haven’t registered officially. Cheers! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The DMS login.

Thank you! Also, new to discord, but this is my name if someone can get me into DMS there.

@TJSmith thank you! I’m in now. Only used Discord briefly while husband gamed and with family. Looking forward to riding the wave of the learning curve. Ha! Thanks, again.

SUCCESS! THANK YOU! OFFICIAL LINK! 2023 Statement of Intent - Kate Hughey - Board of Directors - Global Site


reminder to the other candidates to post your SOI’s here.

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