Ebay Class #2 What is selling?

Ebay Class went well, i’ll have another one next month.
Look at this one ebay seller

US $64.95 80 sold

$46.95 11 sold

US $94.95 16 sold

US $59.95 21 sold

ebay seller


Custom wood speaker enclosers for cars sell very well, holy crap!
US $122.99 103 sold

US $99.99 212 sold

US $119.99 372 sold


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US $189.00 58

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US $149.99 12 sold in 24 hrs!

his sales in April

US $100.00/ea 92 sold

I get why the chicken coop is selling well. People are worried about their food supply, plus it’s that time of year.


If you lost your job a fabulous hustle right now is barbells, people are hugely mis pricing between Facebook Marketplace and EBay. Go make that money!


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Here are some of the things I sold lately, and you can learn in the class:

I bought these dumbells for $20 and sold them on ebay next day for $55 + shipping

I recently bought a Leatherman and sold the box and the nylon sheath for $10 + shipping

I bought this on Facebook Marketplace nintendo 3ds xl for $50 and sold 2 weeks later for $120 + shipping

Think differently about things, just because something is broken doesn’t mean it is worthless, the parts can still have value and can be resold, original boxes have value to some people for certain products.

I sold my first 3D printed part, the magnetic sharpie clip for $5.

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I hope to join you at some point today.

I printed a bunch of these and brought a dozen of these into DMS prior to closing (with Dollar Tree perm pens), spreading them around the metal, machine, and blacksmithing areas. I’ve also seeded the work areas (and fridge) at home with them.

Pretty handy.


Ebay class this saturday, learn how to list, sell, how to do market research to see what others are buying and get ideas for what you could make/sell.
this guy is selling 3D printed McNugget dipping sauce holders!
Learn how to avoid scammers!
The seller has sold 316 at $7 each with shipping on top!
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Glad your having a second one. I attended most of the first one, right up until my crappy Spectrum internet crapped out. I’ll attend from a more reliable spot for the next one.


You got that, too?
My last round was in the midst of a briefing for my…
quinary, I think… boss… and my backup had to deliver.

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I googled quinary and it appears you were presenting some math thing in base 5. Show off.


It would be more showy if I didn’t have to google to find the proper sequence…
Primary, secondary tertiary I’ve got cold. After that, it gets fuzzy, and I usually come close to quarternary, but had no idea after that…

I found it amusing that there are words for 1-10, and 12, and 20… Why 12? :man_shrugging:
Also, no “zeroth” seems like a major oversight…

Sorry for the digression.
:+1: for Josh’s Ebay Classes!!! I hope to attend…

It doesn’t seem to be obvious, but a few reasons that came up quick were that there are 12 lunar cycles in one year, and a dozen can be divided in 2,3,4, and 6, which gives a lot more options than something like 10. Also, if you use your thumb to count the bones in your fingers you can count to twelve. Past that it’s just been engrained for so long that we use 12s everywhere nowdays.

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I went on a wikipedia walkabout a couple of months ago on numbering systems based on something I noticed in decimal and hexidecimal fractions, and there was a fairly large (ok, larger than you would expect) following of people who wanted us to change from base 10 to base 12. They have a few names for that system (duodecimal, dozenal, uncial, and obviously just “base 12”). One of their biggest selling points was the fractions it helps represent better. Since 12 can be divided by 2, 3, 4, and 6, it makes a lot more fractions cleaner (10 is only 2 and 5). One obvious area this works well is “decimal” units of time and “decimal” inches (not really decimal any more). Obviously tenths of numbers start to look like crap though in many cases :slight_smile:.

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One more digression. Japanese has counters associated with their lists. For example 1, 2, 3. Ichi, ni, san. If your counting bottles (or pencils, or other long skinny things) the counter is hon. The h changes to accommodate the number. So, ippon, nihon, sanbon. Paper (flat opjects) are hai. Ippai, nihai, sanpai. Or something like that.

That WAS a rabbit hole. Sorry Josh. Wonder if I’ll get flagged.

If so, please know my intentions are pure. :joy: