Dynatorch ohmic failure error

Continuing the discussion from Dynatorch arc not starting:

Trying Dynatorch today again after I changed my design for something simple.
Using my consumables that are new.
Please see the error on the screen shot attached.

The other picture that is needed is of the plasma head and work piece.

This indicates that the system thinks the head is already in contact with your work piece. I’m going to guess you don’t think that was the case. In the absence of more photos it’s hard to guess more than this.

I did not take the picture but I know the head did not move and it was not in contact with the plate.

Does it help?


I removed and attached back the disposables, and restarted the system.
Got a new error:

“Z off”

Thanks again for your help.

Now… giving up and “homing the head” to turn the system before shutting down:

Limited height was on at .25” which was not allowing the dross to fully clear from the nozzle.

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Z axis off: I wonder if this error is caused when the magnetic breakaway plasma mount is unseated. Like Oz said, we need a picture of the torch and the part.

Ohmic sensor: which new consumable pieces did you buy, and where from? You can troubleshoot the error by watching the ohmic sensor debugger here:

and watch as the box fills green, meaning the ohmic sensor thinks the torch’s shield is touching a ground.

If you see that the box is green:
  Detach the ohmic sensor pigtail.
  If box is still green:
    Ohmic sensor is faulty
  If box is not green:
    This means the nozzle is probably touching the shield
    So either clean out the dross, or the parts might be
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Thank you for spending time with me and helping to figure out the issue.
All the error messages that the interface sends (like the “x axis”) makes the process more complicated.

Thank you for everyone that answered my message and try to debug the issue.


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