Dynatorch arc not starting


Dynatorch “Arc failed to establish” error message in two different files.
I attached my own consumables and they have been used once before. Any clue of how to solve the problem?
Thanks, Yeda

Did you get it working, the only things I can think of are poor ground, use the ground clamp, or orange fault LED on the Hypertherm, powercycle it to clear that fault, it shows up if you take the cutting tip off while it is powered on. Im out of town till next thursday but could help you after that.

Yes, it worked!
Thank you,

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Thank you for your help yesterday.
What seems to have solve the problem:
I have changed the disposables before turning everything on and I ground clamped on my metal, it was large enough to do it.
It fired the first time successfully and completed the cut (I got a nice piece).
(Another problem)
Then I try a quick cut and it run 2 inches on the right track, got out of the path than stopped without completing 12 inches strait cut.

I took my metal out and cutter the 2 inches left by hand and restarted the process on new design.
It started the cut but failed with the message attached.

I m not expecting any answers during the holidays, please enjoy your time off.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Your screenshot shows 115 pierces, you probably have a bunch of very short lines in your vector file, you need polylines so it pierces then follows a cut path. Piercing is more likely to blow debris into the tip causing the ohmic sensor short circuit.

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Awesome, thanks for the info!
It is part of the learning curve!


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