Dust Shoe design


At the request of the OP (@bertberaht) , I’m splitting the thread for the Dust shoe discussion. This is the original post that started the discussion:


Just a reminder … still looking for a SIG member who is a 3D printer person to volunteer to do a project sooner than later!

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Kee, didn’t you design the magnetic dust shroud? I thought I remembered that you put the design on a committee drive somewhere, but I couldn’t find it yesterday when a fella offered to print another copy. Can you remind me where that is?


Just an FYI to all … we have a different design that is to be tested. So rather than reprinting the existing design, someone can volunteer to print the new version … hint, hint!


Where is the design file located and what’s it named. I would have directed the guy to it if I could find it. Or I’ll print it.


Design is only on paper at the moment. I’ll work details today … too miserable to make sawdust! Once I have done so, possible to meet and discuss? If yes, when/where?


We can meet at DMS anytime. Just let me know


I’m having a tough time getting to the space for any length of time (too much IRL stuff at the moment), but I quite enjoy CAD stuff. If needed, I would be happy to CAD up what you want given photos of the paper version etc. I also have a printer (Prusa I3 Mk3) at home that I could print out with and drop off after work if need be. I currently only have PLA on hand though, and it’s possible this is better fit for ABS.

As far as printing goes, it might make sense to do a low infill (quick) print to test sizing etc. and once happy a more solid version.


Jeff, I could be at DMS about 4:15 today. Would that work for you? I’d like to sort of prototype something to work out some details and then turn over to you or you and Kent to fine tune for a trial build.


The current design that someone working on the router showed me yesterday was too big to be printed in a MK3, which was part of my hangup in offering to print it, I was planning on printing it at home in my own printer.

I believe the last version was printed on the large polyprinter at the makerspace.


Yeah, I was thinking that might be an issue.

It could probably be designed to be multiple pieces that come together with some M3’s or something if that makes it easier to replace in the future etc., but using the double wide might just be easier.


If y’all are discussing a new design, I’d consider laser cutting the large piece of the shoe, what I saw yesterday would be a simple profile and an extrude, which I’ve found usually means laser cutting is the easiest option. I believe there were other pieces (that have broken off) that would have to be printed and screwed on. No clue what’s in mind for a new design though.


With the added feature of visibility! This makes sense.


Make that 4:45. It’s taking a little longer to get a couple of supplies than I expected.

Multicam SIG Category and 1st Post
Multicam SIG Category and 1st Post

FYI: Prototype Multicam dust shoe design for early review


The balance of the differing depths needed is the tricky part. Glad to see the design is attempting to address that. For information, my use goes as long as about 0.25 inches below the collet. (Note that this is a bowl and tray bit 5/8 inch cutting length making a hole about a half inch deep.) Even if these cuts need to be run without the cover, having it available for other times when depth is greater would be helpful.


Typo maybe? How far below the collet?


A small typo as I meant “as low as”. The bit is a Whiteside 1374 which has a 5/8 inch cutting length. With the bit installed, it extends around 3/4 inch below the collet. (It could be more, but I was taught to try to have as much shank up into the collet as possible.) Given that I am doing valet trays with about a half inch depth, that leads to a pretty small difference between the bottom of the collet and the work.