Prototype Multicam dust shoe design for early review


Posting here so all users of the Multicam have a chance to know something is afoot.

The Multicam SIG has begun investigating a different design dust shoe to improve chip & dust capture during routing operations. A very crude prototype was installed in the wee hours today. It was made of available baltic birch and an available brush sweep that is a bit longer than the final version will have. This first draft prototype is missing several intended features including: magnets for easy removal during bit changes and one or maybe two additional layers of brush sweeps.

As currently envisioned, it will have a first barrier of short brush bristles sized to work with short bits like V-bits. Outside and in parallel with the short brush sweep, there will be one or two longer brush sweeps sized for the longer bits used by Makers at DMS. These longer rows of sweeps will be mounted with something akin to a bellows that will allow them to ride up high with short bits, but extend down to the spoilboard with longer bits.

@Coul is taking the lead to model the concept and once we have a model that looks right, we’ll 3D print a second prototype.

I encourage all Multicam users to take a peek at the first draft and give it a test ride if possible. I ask that you bear in mind this is way far from a final design, so nitpick graciously :wink:

Dust Shoe design