Does anyone develop photo films?

Does anyone at the makerspace have access to developing their own photography films?

I may be taking a few pics and would like to develop locally

Sorry, can’t help you, but two questions …

(a) color or B&W?
(b) any reason you don’t want to just go to a film developing house?

I’m guessing at least one of us does:

I actually think this (above) was the 2nd time Kurt taught the class. I was unable to attend either one.

We used to have the reels and cans needed at the makerspace, and there was even a dark room setup, but that was a few years ago. No idea what happened to the processing equipment.

I have processed film at home in my kitchen a few times, both color and black and white. You can probably buy all the stuff needed for under $100.

There are two main types of black and white processing, one uses the same C41 chemicals as color and, and the other is traditional. I’ve done both, neither is too difficult, just use a good timer and thermometer.

B&H and Freestyle photo are good places for supplies.



Darrent is correct, I taught two classes on home film development. I plan on scheduling more but was waiting for the new year. I’m also trying to see if I can get the space some simple film development tools for just film development, not darkroom (as it was rarely used at Ladybird)

As already mentioned, there are a few different development processes as B&W is diff than Color (C41 is color negative, E6 is color positive or slide film). Which are you planning on shooting? B&W is easier but they can all be done at home.


Thanks for the responses. I expect I’ll be shooting for B&W

If you need a walk through on home development, prior to me scheduling another teaching class, let me know and I can help.