Details of Light Re-Wiring

I’d love to know actually has the deets (model #, sources, etc.) on what the little gadget is that is used to rewire the old unit for LED and the new tubes.

I never received that information.

@TBJK might know – he installed the next-to-last set in the Women’s bathroom in the Common Area. @ESmith ordered all the ones that were installed in the South Warehouse.

Hey @jast or any other TALK admin, for that matter:
can we split this off the issues/request Before I say anymore.

AFAIK, this document by Erik is still in effect:

The short version, cut out ballast & hock into dumpster, wire in some new wiring direct to A/C 120v-60hz-ready LED replacement bulbs.


That’s how I did the wiring.

If you’re looking to source LED tubes, you’re going to want the following attributes:

  • 48" T8
  • Direct AC / ballast bypass
  • Single-end power capable

Models that also support electronic ballasts and/or also support dual-end power are acceptable, but those features are irrelevant. The models that were originally installed are no longer available - I would suggest something like these; there are more expensive than the increasingly-common glass-encapsulated variety, however they are sturdier and the aluminum profile on the backside offer a path for heat to escape from the LEDs and driver circuitry in addition to making them stronger than glass.


So is this the renovated wiring included IN the light tube? Or is this simply the light tube?

There was a goodly stash built up that was earmarked for updating the Metal Shop cave. I think about half of the fixtures got changed out, but then parts/tubes were appropriated for more immediate problem spots - like the Lecture Hall, that restroom, etc.

When I’ve inquired about the parts needed, I get either non-committal mumbles or just crickets. But as an over-60 artist with cataracts, better light is important. So this is a hill I’m willing to die on. Or at least get electrocuted on.


The document @jast referred to goes into greater detail, but you will need the following materials to retrofit a fixture:

  • 4x LED tubes (such as those I linked above)
  • 8x non-shunted T8/T12 tombstones (I need to emphasize non-shunted)
  • 18 gauge solid-core 600V-rated wire (2x 34.5" of black, white)
  • 2x Wire nuts (can sometimes salvage from existing fixture)
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Finally found our convo about this…
You had to baby-step me into the fact that most/some of our existing fixtures are shunted (and for the non-initiated like me, this means the two electrodes are, basically, shorted together with a little brass bridge, so power to one pin=power to the other, because florescent fixtures can roll like this; LEDs cannot). Thus, 8 tombstones are needed in each fixture, even though only half of them are powered. And why the wiring? Seems like there should be plenty in there? Because
a) there isn’t
b) it’s decades old, and brittle as sugar glass, so new is more reliably functional.

I hope this helps someone else understand why Erik’s in-depth write up is so…deep…

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As an added bonus, if you’re installing true single-ended tubes where the “dead” side is electrically neutral, it doesn’t matter what type/arrangement of far-end (non-powered) tombstones you use. But given that tombstones are cheap and existing are in bad shape, why not just swap them all?

Texas Fluorescents might still sell non-shunted tombstones in bulk for less than the Amazon price.

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We had plenty of wire & tombstones just not bulbs.


…and how past-tense is the “had plenty of” statement?

I know Erik provided a link to the tube that would be his choice going forward (and assuming the light they provide is akin to that of the smaller version of same I have on my sewing table, AWESOME) but does anybody have the info on the tubes that have been used thus far? Seems like it’s time for an agenda item.

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I can not imagine this is not already on the BoD and/or Expansion and/or Logistics worksheet(s), and would love it if one or more of these parties were to weigh in here before any person or committees expend large efforts on proposal…

I’m in the, it’s getting dark in here and the squeaky wheel needs some grease group on this one. The metal shop needs a set of whatever we order for CA as well as we’re short from all of the re-appropriating.

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There was a place in Garland where we got our bulbs the last time. I don’t recall the name of the place but I seem to remember being very reasonable.

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I believe it’s


It hasn’t been more than a couple of weeks, maybe a month, since the light in the Women’s room was replaced, so that statement should be totally up to date.

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I hate to be whiney here but the size and other specifics would be helpful information.

I live in Garland if the source is there. Got no problem with securing pricing and price breaks. I don’t even mind paying out of my own pocket within reason.

But I suspect the volume we -really- need Is beyond my definition of “reason”. Hence my belief that an agenda item is in order -aside from committees. Because lights are really a space wide issue, not just an individual committee issue. And if led lights not only provide better/more color-correct views, but are also more cost-effective to operate, where’s the downside???

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Okay, I too am going to be lazy and not read Erik’s excellent document. I went over to 1000bulbs, and the 4ft T8 bulbs are $167.14 for a case of 25. 2 bulbs per fixture… that’s 12 fixtures, and I think that there may have been 1 bulb left, making it possible to do 13 fixtures.

Going to look at CA for #'s…

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4 bulbs per fixture. Thats what Ive been putting in.