Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - March 2019


This makes me want to get on installing the roll bar in my MR2.


Add this to my ‘things I didn’t know I wanted’ list. Good job!


The fake Dichroic class is easy and fun. Lara is a great teacher!

I got supplies online and made this!


How much does a touch screen like that run? What are you running all that on? Just debian or ubuntu?


Let me know. Wood glue is so strong I cant imagine a properly glued joint could be that different


I modeled up this bracket for my car stereo, then plasma cut it and welded the bends because I forgot to get soft aluminum.


Bubinga screwdriver. Form and function! Thanks for a great class, John! @talkers


I would love to learn how to put something like this together. Do you have an estimate of cost, or any info that someone could read up on if they wanted to make their own?


You can buy the kit here: https://www.rockler.com/4-in-1-screwdriver-turning-kit.

The bubinga you can buy at Rockler, too or use another hardwood of your choice.


I wish replies were posted as nested comments. Sorry coloneldan, I was replying to black3806 about his home tablet project. That bubinga does have a really pretty grain though. Now I know what I want to use when I start remaking the interior trim in my classic mini :slight_smile: Thank you for the link all the same!


Glow in the dark translucent experiment. Clear epoxy resin and wood lathe.


Wired wrapped my fake dichroic :eyes:


Little river Mahogany cheese board sanded to 7000 grit.

2 guys 1 bottle of wine. A screw and a pair of pliers. Who needs a wine bottle opener! Not Maker’s!


The touchscreen that size 24” is about $220. I’m running it on raspbian on a pi 3 b+. I’ll put together a write up on it. It’s not hard to put together.


What did you use for the CPU? Arduino, RaspPi or something else?


Raspberry pi


I mentor a High School Robotics team called “Team 2714 BBQ”

@abitamimbharmal Is one of the students on the team.

Dan Wolf, @greg and @EnDeR_WiGGiN are also makerspace members and team mentors. I would also like the thank @Dawsmart, @hon1nbo and @Luetchy for their help with the team.

This past weekend the team competed in their second event winning 1st place and qualifying for state championships. They also earned 2nd place during their first event. The kids have worked really hard on this robot and it has payed off.


Wohooo! Great job, guys! That’s so exciting. How long until state championships?


State Champs will be in Austin from April 3rd to April 6th.

The event is open to the public so if anyone is going to be in Austin during those days they are welcome to come by say Hi and watch a few matches.



Made a bench that flips that can hold a tool on both sides! I used the large domino at the space for the larger joints. I was so excited when it flipped for the first time that I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard.