Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - March 2019


I had to cut up my nice pretty bracket with the best aluminum weld I’ve ever done on it, so now looks like this, but now it’s actually done and it fits in my car the way it’s supposed to…



Where do you live, and do you have a liberal project storage policy?



Lol. Looks like Garland judging by the trash can.

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Pairing the jointer and planer is a good combination. Will often be used sequentially, but seldom iteratively.

Nice looking setup. I like the redundancy of the four barrel latches.



This past month I went a little crazy making rings. After taking the Sherline mini lathe class I ended up finding a HF lathe for $300 so started making my own stainless steel bands.

Resin and Coolibah burl on Stainless Steel


Glow pigment in Resin and Coolibah burl on Stainless Steel

Desert Ironwood on Stainless Steel

Coolibah Burl with Glow pigment and meteorite shavings on Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel with Copper, meteorite, and glow pigment inlay



Those are awesome, nice work man!



WOW!! So much awesome.

I nominate:
@rshill for best use of shop space AND for best inserted GIF ever into Talk
@Jeeves for best glamour shots of great projects
@Kriskat30 for best use of LEDs (they make everything better)
@jrkriehn for stretching our imaginations re what is possible in fabric, sewing, and love
@Lordrook for extensive mastery of several fields, but then denied for baby doll head
@meanbaby for continuing to expand her extensive range of skills
@Edenblue for bringing in new fields to the Space
@black3806 for a truly fun interactive project. +1 one for electronics
Chris @John_Marlow for expanding the range of wow in scale and precision
@hon1nbo for style in making things stronger
@Spoonanator for destroying beauty for a better version
and cheers to everyone for sharing their wins. Thank you!



In the future, know we have a Press Brake that will handle thicker materials. The unit will do 3/8" steel over 5". Something like 6061 or similar would be butter to it.


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We really need to get the wiki tools list updated. Today I (re) learned we have a press brake for thicker materials. Yesterday I learned we have a corner notcher
I wonder what else we have that I’ve forgotten or never new about to tell n00bs about…
PS Yes, I’m willing to do the wiki updating, but I have little to no info on these newfound treasures…

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I was actually taking pictures of all our significant equipment the other night for a wiki update; it’s a lot of them.

We can at least get the basic info in, then drill down to specific models etc as we can. I’ll add the images into our metal G Suite drive and we can all add it as we go along.

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The magnetic brake in the metal shop worked good, but the metal was pretty brittle. I got a good 20* on it before the cracked. I should have got 3003 aluminum instead of 6061 from what i understand, ive been told that 3003 is substantially more ductile than 6061, but i also might be making that up.

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that material looks too thick for the magnetic; the bend radius is too tight for thicker stuff even if it clamps.



That makes a lot of sense. i didnt consider the bend radius …



makes a lot of difference with the less ductile grades of aluminum. Whilst 3003 will bend better all day, keeping a larger radius on 6061 or using some heat for some annealing works as well.



Minimum bend radius is generally considered 2X the Thickness of the Al material (at least in aerospace, they are more conservative about cracking - in fact prefer to bend in a “O” condition then heat treat). So if it were say .060" you’d need a bend radius of about .120", you need a 1/4 round bar at the front of the hold-down clamp that the material is bent around. The table below states .090" or .180" diameter round bar

Bend Radii



Thats some good info. I’m going to keep that chart, and hopefully next time ill remember to bend it properly.

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Bubble pendent class



Those pendants look amazing!!!



Mermaid garden statues - I think I will add unicorn horns the next time I make these. I messed up the tail on the first one but it will look OK in my garden. :slight_smile: