Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - October 2016

New Month, New Thread. Post all your makings here.


The plasma cutter lives! I want to teach a class on it soon as do several other folks. Not sure if it’s “show and tell” material but here we go. The parts being cut are for an electrolysis setup. I want to make some HHO for fun (big booms)!

Edit: This is what it looks like in motion.


Tim has made a PowerPoint slide presentation for class.



Is that stainless?

I made a 1:12 scale angel Christmas pyramid.

I created vector files and jpg artwork based on my full scale one.

Then I chemically photo-etched 0.005" thick brass. I shaped the parts, using among other things, some knowledge I acquired in the Jewelry/Small Metals group. I turned a custom “dapping block” to shape the base.

After turning a fine soldering tip from copper rod, and some very finicky soldering of precise thin wall brass tubing … voila’. The “candles” are styrene rod with wire “wicks”.

It turns like its full-scale inspiration, but I’m afraid to blow on it for fear it will blow away.


I’m seriously blown away.

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I made this mini chalice the other day in lathe class. I’m so proud of my l’il cup (and the resulting photo) that I’ve been showing it off every chance I get.

Bowl turning makes me nervous so I decided to start small. The whole thing is about 3.5" tall–perfect for a wee dram (once it’s finished). :wink:


Red Oak Horse Stall Nameplate - Made with CnC knowledge gained from @Kentamanos, @Tapper and @rablack97 and WSB smarts from @mblatz. Thanks guys!


Wow…the relief carving/rastering of horse is amazing!


YES IT IS! Now that’s the kind of project I’d love to see a class on. I’m still a bit VCarve impaired, lol. :astonished:


here is a nice tutorial provided by Vectric on importing a 3d model and cutting it.
If you actually want to create your own model, we’ll need ASPIRE for that. Speaking of which, here is a nice model for an embossing plates I made for some wallet backs. Pinky was done in Aspire but can be cut using VCPro


Lol, Nick, are you telling me there is ANOTHER computer design program I have to learn to use…EEK! :scream:

Yeah, Pinky turned out really nice! Looking at your stitch holes…did you lace it together or? and did you wet mold it in the big arbor press or just clamp it?

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It is unlaced at this point. That is just an old Tandy wallet back (hence the round holes) I used to test the plates with. In this particular case I pressed it in my 12 ton shop press. HOWEVER, it doesn’t require that much pressure. I routinely do these things for customers and I test it on my 1 ton arbor press since not everyone has a shop press. You just have to press it in sections but it WILL work - I’ve pressed an 8x11 plate by doing it in sections.
As for the software, Aspire is just an extension of VCP. You can create a 3d model (STL FILE) in a lot of other programs. Certainly in whatever people are using to create models for the 3d printer. The real trick is in flattening the model without losing detail With leather you’ve only got about 0.125 (1/8" of embossing you can get. Most STL models are say 1" thick, so flatteing it automatically to 1/8 will look kind of the way Brain does (that was not made by me). I will probably redo the Brain so I can get more detail. In short, Aspire has the tools needed to flatten it and do tricks but VCP does not. How else would they get you to upgrade?

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incidentally, if DMS ever does upgrade to Aspire, I’d be happy to teach class on it.

Milled the Domino on the HAAS tonight! There have been many of these made here, but this one is mine :slight_smile: I thoroughly loved Bryan’s class, and look forward to future projects on the HAAS. I definitely recommend anybody take the class. It’s very rewarding.


I made a 5lb d20 out of a combination of frustration and boredom. Plasma cut a flat version I could manhandle into shape and then welded the four connecting corners.

Here’s working in the primitive second dimension.

The more comfortable third dimension.

Shiny summoned.


Is it stupid to ask, how well does it roll?

I am curious how he differentiates 9 from 11 :smile:

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No ones ever been brave enough to ask in front of the d20 itself.

As for how it rolls? It dents the floor in the workshop.


Align the eyes.