Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - January 2016

Currently working out 2 commissions for pax south
First is Arcade Rivens ultimate sword from League of Legends
Its about 46" long total. lots of printing.

The second is Compa’s syringe from Hyperdimension Neptunia
Its around 42" with the needle tip installed. the tube will glow and stars will twinkle.

Mitch for scale since he is the same height as my customer.


Really cool, dude. Congrats!

Over Christmas I made an AC cover for my sister’s condo in LA.

Here is a picture of it at DMS:

Here is a picture of the Box finished and installed:


Pinned nothing. There ought to be a separate topic area for it.

Here is a plaque I did for my daughter-in-law. Solid pecan planks
edge-glued and carved on MultiCAM. Finished with Minwax Golden Oak.
Approximate dimensions 18" x 22" x 3/4"


Would anyone mind if at the end of the month we throw these up into a DMS blog entry then start a new thread for February Projects?

We could keep it going and it’ll be a nice record of what’s being made.


Good idea, only on the condition that we actually link to the blog from the main webpage.


I like the idea as well,
I would just suggest that we make sure to also clearly credit the member that created each project, as well as provide a direct link to the thread that the pictures were pulled from. That way the members share in the publicity.


You have my permission to do that with mine.

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Yes, I’m ok with that for my content.

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Great. If anyone wants to add any personal info(link to your personal website or business) go ahead and edit your post to have that. Also add in how you’d like to be credited otherwise I’ll just post your Talk names. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next month’s will clearly state all of that in the opening comment of the thread.

I’ll make sure to link back to this thread.


I love this!!! Omg you need to sell the crap out of them.


You have my permission for my stuff.


I’m good with it too, without the MS tools none of this would be possible for me…


I’m glad to have you show my stuff. But as a point of trivia, Talk name notwithstanding, my real name is Chris (not John).


Thus my perhaps apparent confusion Saturday…

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Fired this up tonight, its going well…


I have added a link to the blog page from our main page… :slight_smile:



Surely there are some creative arts projects going on that people wouldn’t mind posting?


Spent about 8 hours on the F150 this afternoon:

  • Replaced serpentine belt
  • Replaced belt idler/tensioner
  • New radiator hoses, which necessitated new coolant
  • New positive battery cable
  • New starter relay

Only two photos to show for it:

Replacing the battery cable - this was shot while lying on my back on a creeper with pretty much no clearance whatsoever

Envisioning the layout for the new belt. Chase guided me through the process and cranked the tensioner back while I installed the belt.

Big thanks to Allen Wan, and a new-ish member, Chase, who helped me - not even a shade tree mechanic - undertake this task. Also thanks to @Brandon_Green for making my leaked fluids disappear before I even had time to cleanup. I was able to rehabilitate a vehicle I was considering selling at a discount due to the expense of making those repairs at a shop - now it will be making Logistics runs for DMS.

Another Saturday or two and it will be in excellent shape for a 20-year old truck.