Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - January 2016

Having seen this thing, I can confirm that lots of printing was indeed involved.

The Mendel90 made its first print. Thanks to @hasbridge and a new member, Brian for staying up way to early to help.


Progress on my retheme of a '68 Williams pinball machine.
Veneers cut on the FSL for the cabinet artwork:

End result should be this:


This is uber cool. This is outstanding.

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Ended up being around 54 hours of printing. Mostly on a double wide PolyPrinter. I added some colored acrylic bits as well.


Misaligned the glue-up a bit, but still fully functional - purpleheart, maple, alternating purpleheart/walnut. Sanded to 300 grit, 3 coats mineral oil, 2 coats mineral oil/beeswax mix.



My finished Word Clock (a Christmas present for my wife, delivered two weeks late due to having to replace a defective piece of Plexiglas :). It’s 21" square and made from 12 layers of laser cut Plexiglas (the body) and one layer of laser etched Plexiglas (the face, which uses a dual-layer plastic that can be etched from behind to produce clear letters for the back-lighting to show through); the light source is 147 NeoPixel addressable RGB LEDs (powered by a 10A 5V supply hidden in the body); and the brain is a Particle Photon (Arduino compatible with WiFi built in, so I can sync with network time). The software keeps time with words (of course), adjusts the LED brightness based on ambient light, and also does some fun stuff for birthdays and holidays (making full use of the full-color LEDs; the “normal” black/blue/white color scheme you see in the photo matches our kitchen). All in all, a fun project that was my first experience with the laser cutters (I used both of them) and the first time I’ve done anything with Plexiglas in 25+ years.


Nice, @eric24! Well if FremantleMedia ever does a revival of Now You See It, I know who they should talk to about doing their game board. :wink: That’s pretty mod & slick-looking, unlike their 1974 board below…

Pencil holder made from the scrap pile.


Last day to get your pictures in for January projects.

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This is a leather field notes case/cover that @frank_lima designed and I modified because it would get lost easily. Everything is from Tandy Leather and done at the space. It’s laser cut, laser etched, dyed, sealed, and hand stitched.


Felted wool fairy dress! It’s in the current CA show (sans fairy).


Uber cool …

Finished up these in January -
End Grain Cutting Board (notice I am sucking less at alignment) with Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, Walnut, Maple.
Mitered Box with Splines, filled with rice for use as knife block - box is African Mahogany, Splines are Purpleheart



Lots of AWESOME projects!

Here’s the blog post @MellissaRhodes posted: https://dallasmakerspace.org/2016/02/january-member-projects/

Thanks Mell ~ it looks great! :slight_smile: