Cooking Appreciation Thread

Since I know that a lot of people are making lots of deliciousness in their kitchen right now I want to make a thread to highlight all of our culinary genius.


I’ll start. I finally bit the bullet and made taquitos from scratch! They were delicious! Next time I’m going add in an avocado jalepeno crema dipping sauce inspired by a local restaurant that I can’t get right now.

Edit: For anyone who wants to try them themselves I used the following recipe. My only change was I added 1 package of cream cheese to the filling. I’ve had taquitos with cream cheese in them before and they stay nice and moist inside instead of drying out. Not traditional, but delicious anyway.


No pics, but since our visit to Acadia Nat’l Park and enjoying tea and popovers on the lawn at Jordan Pond, I have been dying to try making some. Today was the day. SUPER easy! And scrumptious with Aldi strawberry preserves.
I used this recipe by Chef John, altered for my scenario:

Dying to try making tortillas, but I’m pretty sure that’s going to wait…


Those look amazing! I’ve never tried making popovers.


I’d like to try these. The recipe doesn’t sound all that difficult. Is there some hidden challenge lurking in there?

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Chef John is amazing. He makes everything look easy, and this time it really was. Most recipes (including the Jordan Pond House recipe) calls for working with hot tins and whipping ingredients… His was toss it all in a bowl, grease the crap out of the pan (which I didn’t do quite enough, so mine stuck a bit) whisk the ingredients until combined, fill cups 3/4 up and toss in a COLD oven. Then cook for 30 minutes at 450F. It worked GREAT! They literally pop up @ ~17 minutes! (I’m like a child, so I think if you have li’luns, they might enjoy watching, if you can keep them over there @~that time).


Grease the HUEY out of your pan, was the only one I found… :+1:

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I had to make my own Birthday cake. The dip in the middle of the cake was filled in with more icing to at least make it look presentable. Tried to take a picture of it but there was too much smoke in the air. I am no baker…and we won’t talk about my wife’s baking abilities.


I responded to my birthday last week with chocolate chip muffins. There’s only two of us, and if I made a whole cake I’d end up eating it all myself. The muffins were a safety choice.


I made apple fritter bread today.

My husbands request he saw it on Facebook.

Next week I am cooking Brown Butter-Cardamom Banana Bread

For myself.


When the recipe says “muffin tin”, does it mean the “standard” 2" x 1-1/4" muffins, or does it mean the “jumbo” 3-1/2" muffins? Thanks.

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Um… I used a Wilton “cupcake” pan, so I think that’s “standard small”…
Like so

My yield was 6.5 units, so I should have estimated 3/4 fill better to get the 8 CJ says he gets… Next time…

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If I start posting on this thread, I will be posting over and over and over again for days…

I cook alot, lol

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My scrimps and gritses from night before last. I could have done a better job plating by using less sauce. But sauce.



And last night. Homemade Salisbury steak with mac and cheese. Daughter’s request.


Hey, Matt! I tried my hand at homemade Mac and cheese. The official Lubys recipe. It was amazing.


I don’t have that recipe but my recipe for Mac and cheese after the cooked pasta is:

1-1/4 cups Milk
8 Oz. MEDIUM cheddar (sharper makes it grainy)
Couple Tablespoons of corn starch
Couple Tablespoons of tapioca flour
(Those two behave differently at temperature and on cooling)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp salt
And I like a bit of chicken stock concentrate but my wife does not.

It’s actually much better if you mix with the pasta, then freeze, thaw and reheat! Should be overly-saucy when you freeze. By 50% of what you think it should be.


By the way, the best milk to have during a Global Pandemic ™ is Nestle Nido dry whole milk. For cooking, this stuff is incredible. For drinking, well it’s dry milk but if you reconstitute and keep in fridge for a day or two, it’s actually quite good. Certainly for cereal and stuff like that.

Nestle Nido.

I’ve used it for years because we don’t drink milk as a beverage.

Mexican aisle at Walmart.


Ok, here we go…
This is just a few things that I made over the last few weeks

French onion soup

Chicken bacon sandwich on ciabatta bread with garlic aioli and bacon wrapped chicken skewers

Mushroom Swiss burger with caramelized onions

Western burger

Frijoles con queso Burger

Sausage egg and cheese French toast sandwich drizzled with maple syrup

Biscuits and blond sausage gravy

I could keep going, but I’m going to stop there for now…


At least it’s all low-cholesterol!