Ceramics Committee Meeting

Meeting for Ceramics chair vote July 19th, at 1 pm.


Hi Anette, just want to get my timeline straight. So DMS members are having an additional meeting on July 19 @1pm to hear from both people running for chair of the ceramics committee?

Yes, per the last meeting we added a vote/slip cast work day. There is a call-in/virtual option if you can’t make it to the space that day.

We are voting. No speeches unless someone wants to speech.

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Are we voting just on how well we know the candidates or is there some kind of statement that they each have made?

As far as i know we didn’t do it in previous elections for ceramic chair and i have not seen it in any other committee elections. Just curious as to why now?

I’m sorry I don’t think I understand your question?


This is a thread we started with a few committee questions and answers.

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But why now and not in previous elections?

I saw that when it was posted but thanks for the link.

I guess @coffeebean:

" Do you have ideas on how the Ceramics group can assist DMS with increasing membership when we are back open?

Also, do you have any plans to change things in Ceramics and if so what would those changes be?" - via Monika

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Typing up something right now for you. Please hold.

I thought it would be nice for some of the members to be able to ask the candidates questions. I don’t know why it wasn’t done in the past.

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Hi , I am April Burk…I have been a member at the Makerspace since September 2017. The ceramics department is the main reason I joined the space.
Regarding with attracting new members…I have done a couple of markets and have given out the Dallas Makerspace information. I think the calendar attracts a lot of people, and as soon as we are able to, getting classes back up should be our top priority.
Right now however, we should focus on the members we have now and become a more cohesive group in ceramics. All of us have joined the ceramics group because we all love to art. For the most part, it is suppose to be fun and relaxing…except when you cannot center or you find the cracked bottom after firing. I am hoping, if elected, that all can have the floor during meetings and say what they think is better for the area. Yes some things are hard to agree on, but there is a middle ground somewhere. Maybe even trying one suggestion and see how it goes, and then other and compare. There is no better place to go to make ceramics, otherwise none of us would still be here. Oh, if elected, I will bring homemade scones to the meetings :laughing: