Blacksmithing Class

I just returned from France on July 17th. My family tested positive for Covid upon return. I probably got it on the plane home. We tested negative a couple of days ago and we were quarantined for five days while taking the medicine. I should be able to teach a blacksmithing class again on Tuesday August 2nd since plenty of time will have past since testing negative for the virus.

I’ve put up another cutoff saw, induction forge, hydraulic press and KMG grinder class for 7:30PM to 10:00PM on Tuesday August 2nd which will probably not show up until Monday. (72 hr rule)

I apologize for the tardiness in putting it up, but if you want to learn the blacksmtihing tools in the blacksmithing area please look for the class on Monday.

Past classes have been fun and enjoyable.

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Well, I had high hopes for the blacksmtihing class TOMORROW night, but my wife relapsed with Covid again. All of my family tested NEGATIVE after our full treatment of Paxlovid last week, but this last weekend we visited my cousin’s widow, who tested positive TODAY for Covid, and my wife contracted Covid again. They spent a lot of time together.

Out of an abundance of caution I cancelled the class for tomorrow even though I have NOT tested positive for Covid again. (yet)

Hopefull I can resume teaching in a couple of weeks when everything settles down.


That paxlovid rebound is no joke. Hope everyone recovers again…

I just put up another blacksmithing class which will teach the cutoff saw, induction forge, hydraulic press and KMG grinder from 7:00PM to 10:00PM on October 25th, next Tuesday. The cost is only $10 and you’ll leave the session with a chisel you can finish on your own. It should appear in 72 hrs or less.


Is there extra space in the class tonight? I have 6 years experience blacksmithing, and really would like to learn how to use an induction forge and y’all press. I can bring my own steel or $10 if needed whatever works best

There’s still a spot left. You’ll need to sign into the Calendar, probably.

Oops. The class isn’t full, but Dan set an early time limit, so you can’t sign up anymore.


Come on to the class. I set the number of students at 5 so that everyone will have time to use all of the equipment. I’m sure I can squeeze you in one way or the other though. Do bring the $10 for the class. I’ll use it to buy stuff for the committee. I’ll have the sucker rod.

I’m looking forward to meeting another blacksmth. We’d love to have you as a part of our committee, too.


Looking forward to it as well

After looking at the number of students who actually are signed up we only have three, four counting you so please do come. If anyone else wants to come please let me know and maybe we can squeeze you in.

I’ve just added another blacksmithing class to the calendar. It is for Next Tuesday 11/8/2022 at 7:30PM. I’m usually there early if you want to drop in. It should appear with 72 hrs, but recently they’ve been showing up much earlier.

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It’s on the calendar now

That’s awesome.

We had a great class tonight. We have some new blacksmiths trained on the four tools in the chisel class. Lots of interest in future anvil/tong./hammer classes. May be putting some of these on the schedule soon. Maybe we’ll make some nails, s-hooks, screwdrivers or other simple but useful stuff.

Congrats to Peter Nemec, Carlton Ferguson, Josh Reynolds and Grant Adams.


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We met at the blacksmithing meeting earlier this week 11/22. I’ve posted the minutes here:

I also put a new equipment familiarization and chisel making class on the calendar for Tuesday 11/29/22 at 7:00PM. It should, hopefully, appear soon.

Look for other blacksmithing classes in the near future. Some have been mentioned in talk before and some were discussed at the blacksmithing committee meeting earlier this week.


My Tuesday class closed today and I’m not sure why. There are still four spots open in the class. Is there a way to still allow registration?

Regardless if anyone wants to attend the class just DM me.

It took longer to come live and i only have one student currently.

Is there a setting to permit registration up until the time of the class?

Yes. You kinda have to watch it, because you either get a long registration time, or a deadline for cancellations. So skip the cancellation window. I have always allowed the maximum registration (Extend Registration), which is a 30 minute lag after time of class. I used to do that so that I could get late arrivals onto the Event. Nowadays, that’s just a habit.

My guess is that somehow you have a cancellation window. Personally, I feel like the cancellation window is useless. If they’re not going to come, they’re not going to come. One class that did need that window was the class Mitch taught on building a 3D printer. The kit was $500 or more, and they couldn’t send them back if you changed your mind.

There was a 2 in the cancellation window field - I think I fixed it. Can you check and make sure everything looks good?

Looks good to me. It let me look at the class, and there are slots available.

Thank you. Now it shows 4 slots open. I appreciate the help.

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Just wanted to push my blacksmithing class up in the list. I had a little trouble with the scheduling so I wanted to make sure every one was aware of its availability. Still have 4 of the 5 slots open.

I went to blacksmithing area just this morning and everything is working for the class.