Blacksmithing Class

I’m having issues logging into the calendar to register, but I’ll be at the class again

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Thank you Grant. I need to get you registered as I need three students to receive the honorarium for blacksmithing.

I’d register twice to get you to 3 if I could, I sent out a support ticket but it will probably be a couple days before it’s resolved

Are you using your user name to log in? Not your email, your username.

edit – which is your name, all lower case, no extras. Talk is a completely different program, that is in no way linked to the Active Directory. That’s why you don’t have a Green Dot (denotes membership) because you have to ask for it.

That worked! I assumed since the Billing system is connected and used my email for a username the Calendar did too. Well I guess it’s true what they say about assuming

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The billing system uses your email so that you can log in whether you’re currently a member or not. Since your user name is only active when you’re a member, it’s used for everything that’s only available to members. Calendar, computer log-ins, stuff like that. And, not all classes are locked to members, but this equipment is only for members to use, so the class is locked to members only.


I’ve put up another blacksmithing chisel class for Tuesday Dec 6th. I try to teach a class to familiarize DMS members with the blacksmithing tools, safety rules and blacksmithing plans every Tuesday, with the exception of the Tuesday of our blacksmithing committee meeting nite. (We can usually accomodate a familiarization with the equipment though after the meeting if you attend.)

Thanks to everyone who helped me with the last class registrations. We had a pretty good class last night although there were only two students in the class, likely because there was not a lot of time to register given the time it took to appear on the event calendar and the cancellation window. (The issue with previous classes was the cancellation window.) By setting it at two days prior it prevented registrations by the same two day window. It is now set at zero so you should be able to register right up until class time. (Thanks @Julie-Harris for helping me with this)

Here are some other blacksmithing dates you might be interested in:

Next Open Forge is December 11th, Sunday Morning at 9:30AM. This is open to ANYONE who wants to blacksmith, but if you register for the class you’lll be provided with material and instruction on how to make *something.

       Next blacksmithing committee meeting is Dec 13th at 7:00PM

       Next North Texas Blacksmithing Association meeting is Saturday December 10th  at 9:00AM at 
       the Texas Farrier Supply (TFS).  TFS is a great place to buy blacksmithing tools and materials, 
       especially knife making materials.   Tell them you're at DMS and they'll likely give you a 
       discount.  (No guarantees though)

The 12/6 class is on the calendar. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Looking forward hopefully to a full class.

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And here’s the sign-in link for folks reading this thread…

I just submitted another chisel making blacksmtihing class for Tuesday December 13th at 7:00PM. You will be qualified on the cutoff saw, the induction forge, the hydraulic press and the KMG grinder after completing this class.

The next open forge is December 18th at 9:30AM. You DO NOT need to register for the class just to use the forges, however, in order to participate in the class you’ll need to register. (We provide the instruction and the steel)

The next blacksmithing committee meeting is Dec 20th at 7:00PM in the conference room at the main entrance of DMS.

The next North Texas Blacksmithing meeting is Saturday December 10th at 9:00AM at Texas Farrier Supply in Kennedale. @jbrown885 is likely going. I may or may not be there depending upon my schedule.