Beating metal into submission


I saw this and thought about you guys hammering the red hot material in the metal shop last night as we were assessing what maintenance & repairs a vehicle needed on the lift.


Very nice!
And free! (I guess)…


Calling @EthanWestern & @brsims


Power hammer is pretty low on the priority list, but I sent the guy an email- maybe it’ll be too good of a deal to walk away from…


Pretty low yes, but this one isn’t huge and if it were a bargain…


I spoke to the guy, it is not a bargain in my opinion he wanted 5500. For that I would talk to James from anyang and have a new anyang


He sent me an email, said $4,500. Seemed like he’d come down but, like you said, not a screaming deal even at 4k.


Not when you can have something that is nee, hits waaayyy harder and has much more control at 4500 to 5k


That would be a great addition.

Would probably irritate everyone in the building, but a great tool.


Spoke with James from Anyang USA, he told me the a new 33 runs in the neighborhood of 6k with some possibilities in educational pricing. @Team_Blacksmithing we should have James come talk to us during one of our committee meetings about what he offers!


We already have folks that irritate others doing what they do - not intentionally of course


Depending on how it is installed it makes much less noise and vibration than one might think.


I think it would be great to use to make some swords. We need it near a forge.
Any decent blacksmith shop has a power hammer.


I seriously doubt we are going to cut the floor and put in an isolation foundation. This one is probably right at the edge of having to cut the floor to pour a stronger foundation.


So the best thing i’ve seen with this is it is small enough to be on a skid to move outside during forge days. James has one he takes to events that is very portable.


That’s Andrew Alexander. He is a known merchant to a lot of blacksmiths and he is a very good salesman. He can talk down or up on price pretty easily. If you are seriously considering getting a power hammer, I suggest asking him to find you a tire driven one. They are cheaper, small-ish in size, and typically will not require triple phase. They are also cheaper since they are more-than-likely hobby made. He gets them occasionally.

The Makerspace had a power hammer a long time ago, but no one was willing to put the work in to get triple phase run to it. It was a good one for an amazing price too. It was considered dangerous and large, and without the use of a forge inside it was also considered useless. So it got sold.


I can speak for the 33lb anyang, it is available in single phase or three phase. My thoughts are that a manufactured item is going to be inherently safer than a tire driven one. I have concerns with things people have assembled that can exert this much force.


I would be more concerned with someone having to move any kind of power hammer up and down a ramp than I would dangers from a tire hammer. Though, in the grand scheme of things I think a good fast electric hydraulic press would be more beneficial in general than a power hammer.


P.S.- Anyang sells those too.


Yepper, they have been hard to come by. I hear that may be getting better. I promise I’m not just an anyang fan boy. Its just I’ve found little in the way of hammers that compared to theirs in price and usability.