Basic metal shop tools/ welding classes?

I’m curious about using the metal shop tools, but there don’t seem to be any classes? Also looking to learn how to do basic welding on steel. I have used grinders and other small power tools in the past. If someone would be willing to give me a rundown on things on a weekend in the near future I’d super appreciate it.

I noticed that Blacksmithing is putting up a class on the … um… KMG grinder??? The somewhat fancy one. It should be “live” (out of Calendar Purgatory) soon – possibly within a day – @HankCowdog is the teacher and should know.

Coming to the Metal Shop Committee meeting is a good way to get some training. The meeting starts at 12 noon on the 1st Saturday of the month. We go over some committee business, and then do some cleaning. Jim (@hon1nbo, the current committee chair) will help train folks who’ve helped out a bit.

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sounds good! I’ve RSVP’d for the next metal shop committee meeting.

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As a quick heads up, only the hot work stuff in metal shop* (i.e. the welders, dynatorch, and large oven) require a class. The rest of the tools are available for general use (the grinders have a self-study QR code that takes about 5 minutes).

My Dynatorch class is already full, and we had a round of safety and welding classes last week, but as Beth said we sign people off at our committee meetings as well.

Keep an eye on the calendar too; often classes do not show up until the week they are being taught.

Additionally, I’m almost always willing to answer questions etc if you snag me at the space.


* metal shop committee resources at least; blacksmithing does their own thing.


Yes we do.

Blacksmithing requires training on the KMG Grinder and on the Induction Forge (both are taught during a single free class). We offer this at least monthly, and can do ad hoc one-on-one training as well.

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Good info, thank you.
I will try to make the next meeting!

I just joined the forums and I would love to learn how to use the equipment and learn different welding techniques. I’m still rather new and getting used to how the system/ calendar for the classes works since I have specific areas I’d like to address; welding being one of them. Anything coming up later this March or April?

Use the Calendar filters to find what you need:

If you don’t find a class on the schedule for the tool you need/want, you can add a request here under the relevant Committee/category.

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Classes don’t tend to be planned that far out. Pretty much, teachers figure out when they’ve got some time in the next couple of weeks or so, and then they put up a class or two. Some areas have a teacher or two who puts up classes a bit further out, but most of the groups will put up a class in a fairly short time frame – within the next week or two.

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Jim -
I was at the DMS Metalshop Meeting on Saturday Mar 7.
Please add me to be able to run the Dynatorch.
Jeffrey Conner Username jconner_100
Also please send link to video for the Dynatorch.

Thanks, It was very worthwhile Saturday!

Paging @hon1nbo for the above comment!

I’d got you handled!

Here’s a link to the slides (which have the videos embedded):