Auction Link is live for the Upcoming Auction

EDIT: The auction link is now live at W.L.A.R DALLAS MAKERSPACE SURPLUS AUCTION***CARROLTON TX*** | Warren Liquidation however they are probably still completing and refining the listings for everything. They are ahead of schedule.

Special notes: Please keep in mind that once these items are auctioned they cease to be the property of DMS, they belong to Warren Liquidation pending delivery to the winners and their terms of service are the governing factor.

If you are a DMS member in good standing and want to bid on items but can’t make the Saturday pickup required Warren Liquidation has agreed to work with me on a case by case basis to make member pickups more flexible. This is a special privilege and if you wish to make use of it you MUST reach out to me to make firm alternate arrangement prior to bidding…

Original Post: DMS will be outsourcing another auction event in the same fashion used last year via Warren Liquidations. They will be on site inventorying and preparing our items starting on Monday March 4th. The auction will run the following week and close on Friday March 15th with pickups the afternoon of Saturday March 16th.

This is the perfect opportunity to clean house so please look around your areas for anything that we can include in this effort. Please bring items to the 102 warehouse, clearly label them as auction items, and find an out of the way area near Blacksmithing to store. Larger items should be placed on a pallet. Reach out to myself or others on the logistics team with questions.


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Reminder for auction winners

Sat, Mar 16, 2024 01:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Auction has concluded.