Discussion : Upcoming Auction - March 4th - 16th

Where is this auction taking place?

In the past it was held in the back of the large warehouse in suite 102,

Correction: The items are onsite but the action process is handled online. Sorry to add to the confusion.

I believe that the auction itself is online. The items stay in our warehouse until they’re picked up by the purchaser.

I think the other half of the answer is ‘online’ at https://www.warrenliquidation.com/ so no gavel and fast talk.

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Thanks. At the risk of looking like a dumba~~ newbie, where is the warehouse?

Ramon Bautista Quote: “The only stupid question is the question that is never asked.”

A motto I’ve taken to the extreme. Ha.


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Ok that ‘s enough


That’s the warehouse section that’s on the north end of the building. Back by Machine Shop. There are 2 tall pallet racks back there, and that’s where the auction items will be.

As others have said the auction will all be handled online; there will be a lot of pictures and of course members have the ability to go look at items at any time. The regular public can only look for a few hours one day the week of the auction.


FWIW, I got a Facebook ad (promoted FB Reel) for the auction early this (Wednesday) morning:

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Looked at the stats last night for the ad and it has done pretty well. Hopefully we get some bids and few new members from it.

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If DMS is running/paying for the campaign, you might want to put some geographical filtering on it: I saw the ad in Colorado - probably out of range for most potential shoppers.

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There is filtering, but it includes people who are followers of our page, so that’s expected. We have a lot of out of town fans who still promote us for their in town friends and family.

It’s constrained to 50 miles of our zip + people who follow us. And targeted to people interested in what we do here.

When I run tour ads I run a smaller radius because we have to take daily commute into account.


Reminder for auction winners

Sat, Mar 16, 2024 01:00 pm - 06:00 pm