AR SIG Hamshack

Shout out to Amateur Radio folks - @Team_Amateur_Radio and those interested.
Here’s an update on the future Hamshack…
Where is it?
102 power room - next to our friends in Blacksmithing.

Doors will be getting rfid locks, windows, and vents.
Primary area is along the wall to the right.

Floor area is ~3’ 10" wide x ~15 ’ long. Very rough measurements.
Currently pwr is 120 VAC @ 20A - 2x duplex outlets.
Photo on the right shows 3’ mark at the screwdriver and ~3’ 10" is on the right side of the code stripe. Need to keep to the right of stripe to keep the Code meisters happy.

There is an area to the immediate left inside the doors that can be used for storage. Donated antennas are currently stacked there. Item to the right is the left edge of the fire safe.

Antenna box. Going on recall here…6x low loss coax lines to box on roof. Type N connectors on both ends. Control lines and AC pwr (?).
Anyone know where the keys / tools for the latches are?
Currently there are no connected antennas on the roof. Restrictions - both city code and landlord are being looked into.

When floor space is limited, you go up. With that in mind, I’ll recommend putting up pallet racks. The blue pallet rack ends are 3’ wide - keeps everything to the right of the code stripe. Put first shelf at ~7’… Put benches / tables underneath along with lighting. Add 2nd shelf for stability along with multiple points attached to wall. I don’t have lengths of the crossmembers that work with the blue ends. If they’re to long, we can cut and re-weld. First dibs / claim to the blue pallet rack ends and cross members was ok’d by the Infra Boss.

AR SIG - you need to start considering what /who your leadership will be, take inventory, what antennas are needed for current gear, projects, etc.

All for now.


Art, I am going from memory here…

The keys to the Antenna Junction Box were located on top of the box, same key is used for this box and the other one on the roof. If you cannot find the key get with Tim Bene as he most likely has some extra keys that will fit.

The tape on the floor can be moved a little bit. It must be 36 inches from the main power panels and 48 inches out from the 480V transformer, that should give you more room. I believe the existing red tape on the floor is at 36 inches. Moveable chairs are allowed inside this area but no storage.

The Antenna Junction Box needs more work done yet.

  1. Several lines are already run between the Ham Shack box and the Roof-Top Box. The 6 coax lines are run and terminated. A heavy ground wire, 110 VAC wires, and Control Cable are also installed in the large conduits running up the wall.
  2. The 15 (?) conductor control cable is terminated on the roof end but needs to be terminated to the installed terminal strip on the Ham Shack end.
  3. A heavy copper ground wire needs to be added on the Ham Shack box. Attach the heavy ground wire from the internal ground terminal to the Main Power Panel’s grounding rod. This will provide grounding to the coax lightning arrestors located in the roof top box.
  4. A 110 VAC line has been pre-installed between the two boxes, they need to be connected to an external circuit breaker line. This will provide 110 VAC inside this box plus the roof top box. The roof top box has pre-wired outlets both inside and outside the box.
  5. Enjoy your new Ham Shack.

P.S. Since my move about a year ago I have changed my Call Sign from AG5OB to W8CNY. W8CNY was my mentor back in High School and he got me started in the electronics career. Out of my appreciation to him, I have taken over his call sign.