Any alternatives to powder coat oven while it's out of commission?

Are there any other ovens or kilns that we may use at DMS while the powder coat oven is out of commission? I heard that there is a large kiln elsewhere; however, I’m not sure if the temperature can be set to 425 F (higher than that will exceed my Kapton tape rating). I’m looking to powder coat metal pieces that have maximum dimensions of 13" x 13" x 6".

@TBJK Do you know if Max’s recent Kiln donation for the Machine Shop is capable of thermally regulating itself in the ~400F range? I know it could get up there just didn’t know if it was stable at lower temps.

What about the small oven under the table by metal shop tool chest? Not sure how big that is.

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It wouldn’t take something 13" long

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I do not know. I also dont think its that big either but I could be wrong

My oven is like 6x6 roughly. To be honest I would rather it only be used for heat treating(temper/harden/anneal) clean steel alloys. Blacksmithing also just recieved 3 or 4 kilns. But I don’t think they are tall enough.

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@Team_Blacksmithing You guys think any of your kilns would be an interim solution for powder coating while we’re working on restoring or replacing the option in the Metal Shop?

We don’t even know if they work yet

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May look at. Note size of it.

It looks like it maybe an alternative to powder coat oven while the big one is out of commission.

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Just something to think about. Ovens used for powder coating should not be used for food preparation. Apparently, the powder fumes out a contaminate that you wouldn’t want to ingest. I suspect that will happen in a kiln as well so you may want to be aware of that. Powder coating is done at about 400F and I believe a kiln can heat way beyond that so if you do use it, it might be prudent to run an empty kiln at a high temp just to burn out any contaminates before using it to fire green ware.

Yeah, but we’re not going to be using that kiln for Ceramics. It’s rather small for us, and it’s some sort of manual.

…and converting it to a programmable controller would run somewhat less than $1,000.

Not sure why it would Ned to be programmable, but found someone who wanted it. So it is no longer available.

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Glad you found a taker. Programmable is much easier than any of the earlier versions.