Adventures of the July 2020 Electronics Mtng & Which E-mtng Platform to Use

Just tried to submit event to the Calendar and ran into a conflict w/ Motorsports having their online mtg
How does one work around this conflict?
Using WebX, not Google.
Paging @Team_Infrastructure and ???

Event Calendar update / mod to handle multiple simultaneous / overlapping online only events?

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Why are you trying to use WebEx instead of our Google Meet? It’s more open to people since it doesn’t need to install software for video conferencing, we have free professional licenses as a non-profit, and recordings are stores in our g suite drives.

As for a conflict what is it doing? Is a room reserved?

Edit: looks like you edited whilst I posted that there’s a big of some kind. Online classes shouldn’t conflict since it’s not a reserved room. I’ll take a look


Used WebX on previous mtng - didn’t need to install anything.
Don’t need a room.

Think the conflict is multiple events using “offsite” at same / overlapping times.

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I see what happened here. Motorsports and Electronics had selected “Off Site” rather than the “Online Only” option - FYI that Offsite option isn’t what you want. That’s meant for events like when Blacksmithing held an event at the Perot Museum. It’s still in-person, but not at DMS.

However that item should have been marked as non-exclusive so I fixed it anyway.

Please use the “Online Only” meeting option for things like this.

that’s new for them then, as in the past they’d required a browser plugin at a minimum.

Regardless, I strongly suggest you use what we have. DMS members can add it to their calendars, we can keep track of meetings, recordings of them go onto our system and become available for members that couldn’t make meetings. Adding another system into the mix will just complicate things for everyone.

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Use Google Meet. I don’t need to figure out yet another video conferencing package.

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Because I use it daily, know it, have an account, and it’s easy. That’s all.

If you want to give us a crash course on using Google Meet, scheduling a call in it, and how to do the recordings in it, we’d be happy to use it.

EDIT: I don’t know why we have to make a Federal Case out of every little thing that happens at DMS.

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Google calendar link here

The google meet details are included above, but they’re also copied here,
Electronics Meeting
Call In:
Phone Number: 617-675-4444
PIN: 585 118 249 9423#

We’ve all got strong opinions so it’s not surprising that disagreements turn into a big deal. The most significant point Jim and Todd are trying to make is that DMS has pretty much standardized on Google Meet at this point and sticking with the standard makes it easier for the rest of us, even if you don’t feel like it’s the easiest individually. Honestly though, meet is pretty straightforward, scheduling meetings was the only thing I had to get help with.


“Meet doesn’t work on your browser”
Guess I’ll be phone only.

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Yeah it might be time to update from Netscape Navigator. It’s had a good life.


Creating it for us still isn’t a crash course in scheduling or using (administering) a call. Who is going to have control over the call if we need to mute some idjit who is broadcasting a bunch of noise in the background?

Ahemm…Firefox - just not the latest shiny new thing.
Funny - didn’t need to update / install anything for using WebX.
Go figure…

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Edit: see the better instructions in Jim’s reply below.

What are you using? I’ve yet to find a case it doesn’t work, with the exception of mobile browsers where it pushes you to the app depending on what mobile browser you are using.


I’ve used it on Firefox just fine. Version/OS?

It’s just that we’re trying to standardize on something. We have a hard time historically pushing online classes and meetings because everyone used something different and there wasn’t something official. Well, now there’s something official that so far most committees are using.

It ties into your DMS email (which chairs and committees, as a reminder, have to use), literally on your DMS calendar just make an event and hit the big button that says “Add Google Meet Video Conferencing.” You can also sent the meeting invite to the committee mailing lists as a guest list, add notes to the meeting, etc ( such as [email protected] )

It generates a unique link, and phone number with PIN Codes similar to other conferencing software.

This post has an instructional video. It goes over everything from signing into your DMS G Suite if you’re not already familiar, to making a meeting, to turning on recording, screen sharing, and live streaming. Only the person making the meeting has to be using the G Suite (which is where the recording will go; I personally throw my recordings into a committee drive so I can link them on the Wiki in the minutes).


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Right… I’m just helping you out this one time. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

I just transferred ownership of the calendar event over to you, so you’ll be able to run the call.

Google states firefox is supported. Go figure.

I actually replied to you with a link to our handy-dandy instructional video. It looks like a lot of us were all replying at once and things got out of order. It happens.

Google Meet automatically mutes people joining after the first 4 participants; it’s a very intuitive interface (just has a mute icon over their name and video when you have to mute someone being an idiot or just forgetful of a hot mic)

We actually handled this quite well with the Meet the Candidates. Anyone can mute in that situation, and it shows who triggered the mute (so if someone decided to be an ass and keep muting the person talking rudely, the meeting organizer can kick them)

Here is me using it on firefox, just now. Even the overlay icons for muting camera and mic work when firefox isn’t the window in focus.

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Thanks guys,

I’ll try to schedule a practice call and play with it.


It’s not too bad, It does Closed Captioning automatically.

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Google != Privacy

WebEx might not be any better.

Might be better:

Edit: in this case, privacy means sellable personal data. If you don’t think Google is scraping the audio and all the text/links you type to in chat, then I’ve got some swampland in Florida that might be interesting to you.