A Day at The Park (stop motion goof 2)

A small crew got together to make a stop motion animation. This is a second attempt at goofing off. We learned a good deal from our first run and made a significant improvements.

I want to thank everyone who came out and help make this happen. I’m really proud of what we accomplished.

I also want to thank everyone who loaned some characters for this animation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to use them all due to technical difficulties we did however get then into the scene in the background.

Here is the animation

Here are some testing animations


Very cool. What is frame rate? Which camera? I think the Inky Twins would like to be on the small screen.


Good work. I peeked in there for a moment while you were doing this.

Any thoughts about doing Claymation?


Oh gosh, this is so great! Much improved from the last one!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

8 frames per second. We used the web camera from the top of the tv in the video room.

I don’t know what the Inky Twins are.

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So far it has been interesting. I think our next challenge with the clay characters will be to make better wire armatures so we can get some better movement. The first two animations the clay characters have had issues with being able to hold object and poses.

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Thanks, yep we definitely learned from our first goofs. :slight_smile:

My son would be very interested in this. Here is one he made when he was 11 years old. Beware the mixed Star Wars & Daleks.


I think that’s called a “crossover”… :wink:

We had a kid last night that was about 13 or so came with his dad and they had a lot of fun.

He’s welcomed to come for the next one.

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I’m crushed! My opus work, a nothing.
Inky Twins

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…that is probably best as is, no reason to animate it. :slight_smile:

You can probably animate an accident with one of your clay characters using it… :slight_smile:

I was being polite, I really don’t want to animate it at all. :slight_smile:

Stop Motion Goof 2 the post mortem.

Basic share comments about what you though of the animation.

For me I saw a great deal of improvement in keeping the action less chaotic. The animation flowed much better as we increased the number of frames. And the background scenery was more dynamic. The team had fun, we all had a chance to animate a character. I think it helped that we had someone focused on directing and making sure the movement/timing worked. The main comment Ive heard is that the Pirate at the end was awesome.

What we still don’t have is sound which would add a great deal to the animation. We will need to try out lighting techniques. It would also be nice to have the shots vary. Like perhaps a different angle of the octo lady attacking the cat. We also had trouble with moving the clay characters and holding a pose, will need a wire rig to help with this. Last but not least the camera quality went down so we could use the computer to help see our progress and make sure we didn’t make a mistake. Will need to figure out a camera system to get the quality back up and still check our work as we go.

Future experiments/Goof Hopes
Would like to try and animate visual effects, like a slime monster or splash of water or fire.
Would like to figure out a way smoothly move the camera through the scene.

Again speak up, let me know what you think.

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