3D Printing Resource

Hello Dallas Makerspace!
This is Michael Lynn Owner of 3D print Everything!

I would love to be resource for the Dallas makerspace if you need anyone who is ultra specialized in all things 3d printing!

Some things that could be of use for you,
If your looking to expand printers I am a reseller for Creality, Tenlog, Kingroon, dowell, and our own custom DragonPrint Printers. We have brand new amazing printers (linear rails, direct drive, pancak motors dual gear bmg, color touch screen. at 180$ a printer. You could have 20+ printers for the same price as the 4 you have now lol

We also just got up and running a filament production line, so if your looking for high quality PLA filament made local in DFW give us a shout 817 723 0443

Also I an service provider and reseller for the thor3d scanners. I could offer service, training, repairs and sales for the 3d scanners. These are very affordable in the 5-7k range and do large to small objects!!!

We also specialize in large fomat printing. So if your looking for prints that take longer than 6-10-24 hours we can do it. With our largest printer at 1000x1000x1600mm we can print full size items no problem!!

I just walked through the makerspace yesterday and would love to help out where possible and be a resource for the tools and printers you do not currently have :slight_smile:

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Classy introduction. :face_with_monocle:


We have more than 4 printers, and ours aren’t throwaway printers, that can’t stand the rigors of makerspace use.


Wow, that sounds great. I’d love to see an amazing printer at that price. But, where do you “have” them? Because they’re not listed on your website at that price.

And now I’m hungry for pancaks, dammit.


Yes you have more than 4 printers and any that I recommend even at the 180$ price range are more robust than the highest priced ones you current have and I could definitely prove this. 3D Printers get better and better each year and get cheaper and cheaper. This does not mean a cheap printer is a throw away. As some one that does prints every single day a small fleet of 180$ printers without any mods has been my main producer for over 8months without a single fail/brake.

Also @jswilson64 They will be updated on my website shortly.
The kingroon KP3S is the current workhorse but they just released their newest pritners to reseller(not even on kingroons website) the KP5s, kp5m and kp5l
You can get a 310mm dual z, with z stability bars, direct drive, pancake motor, clear BMG Dual gear extruder, color touch screen, magnetic build plate, with everything mounted very compactly for less than 300 shipped to your house. Price around 250-270 depending on where you are. Feel free to stop by to seem them in my office or buy one as I have some in stock.

I have 25+ FDM machines here at my office in fort worth (I have tried over 30+ brands of printers) and have a warehouse with resin printing up to 1000mm (one of the largest SLS/SLA printers in world) With some of the bestpricing. Little hero forge resin prints cost 2$ through me. lol
I literally found it cheaper to use these large machines with our inhouse produced somos resin over buying a 300-1200 resin printer and whatever resin you pick.

What kind of service after the sale do you offer, should DMS decide to go with 20+ printers rather than the paltry few available for members to use?

For DMS We could work out a service plan where I weekly or Bi Weekly come to inspect and repair any printers. This could include me providing 3D printing classes.

Also on installation I could help setup all the machines (luckly these machines come 90% pre assembled ) so setting them up takes less than 10 minutes per printer.

I could also offer the service of setting up OCTO Print on the machines, this would allow people to start them over wifi on any computer in DMS or if you set it up outside of DMS, so some one could start a print not at the office and then show up to remove it while viewing it over camera.

If yall do decide to work with me ill happily offer a 10% discount on all prints if your from the DMS and 15% off any prints that does not fit/can not be printed on a DMS Machine.
This would also extended to our filament production as well.

For personal use I generally offer any support needed, where if a customer needs help figuring out whats wrong with a print or how to unjam a printer ect Its included in my sale/class price. When I sell a printer personally to a customer they get a class on cura and maintenance of the printer if they are new.

Hello Michael.

Great to hear about your services. I would recommend posting this on the MakerTrade category since this is for goods/services. 3D fab committee has several volunteers that do the basic maintenance, the actual repairs we pay PolyPrinter to service. The other 3D printers we have so far have been fairly low use since they are self-training and most of our users were trained for the Polyprinters and using ABS. I definitely appreciate your help if you wish to volunteer time to help with maintenance and training, I can work with you on our processes and rules further if you are a member.

While I know I could have a whole wall of Ender 3’s for the price of the Polyprinters we own, that’s 20 more problems that unpaid volunteers have to deal with. That is why we’ve paid a premium for the printers we have. It also looks like the Thor3D is discontinued, unless you have a newer model. We have another handheld 3D scanner we’ve been looking at getting for a while.

I’m sure some of our members would appreciate if you had a website or email if they need large format, 3d printing, or scanning services.


I believe the diplomatic thing to say here would be to say, if you want to provide input on how DMS operates, join DMS, pay your dues, and get involved with the committee. Come to meetings. Put in work. The Space can always use active volunteers, especially those with knowledge.

If you want to drum up business, follow @themich22’s suggestion and post in the Maker Trade category.


This, what @jswilson64 said. You (the OP) seem to want to help but there are better ways to go about it if that’s the case. On PolyPrinter, having used PolyPrinter machines for more than 10K hours of printing for a job I would say you’re not well informed on what they have to offer. If you think DMS is better off with different printers then getting more involved would be the way to influence things. Saying your shit sucks so buy my shit is a shallow and unhelpful approach in my opinion.


I never said your printer, sucks I just see time and time again where people choose a more expensive printer thinking its the better option and they wind up limiting them selves in the end, which I defiantly see happening here. Also i dont care if you buy from me just as a person and local business offering my input on the setup and showing some of the options i think would better for DMS. By all means if you like what you got leave it. If you want a professional who has been printing for 5+ years as a business to suggest upgrades at affordable pricing thats what im here for.

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We have access to printers that are big enough thanks.


I’m confused. Your web site says you have been doing 3D printing since April 2017. That isn’t 5+ years.

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2017 is when I officially got a Sole prop and registered the company.
I didnt see this big printer. So I pay 80$ and I can print a 4-5 day print off this one? Plz give me the info on this one and ill put it to use asap :slight_smile:

Or does this printer cost by the job?

Owning a business doesn’t make one a professional. I’d be ashamed to have my business name on the posts you’ve been making here.

@team_moderators please review this thread to see if it’s more appropriate in the Maker Trade category


Where working using 3D Printers, scanning, 3d modeling, starting a FDM or resin printer daily for years might not make me a professional in your eyes. I know from my customers who are new and been printing for year appreciate the knowledge gained.
I have use and repaired more brands than I can remember, And ever single time I get a “high end” printer there are always always always some fatal flaws that would never allow me to spend such money on such printers. Makerbot, Leapfrog, Markfordge, Mingda, LulzBot, Prusa, Nova, ect ect.

I repair different brands of broken printers weekly so seeing the ins and outs of many printers has given me insight on what makes a good one. Not just in parts but in software and community.

Personally I do not know of anyone else in the DFW area that 25+ active printers, if you do please let me know who as id love to meet them.

I am a little taken a back that you would “be ashamed” when im just offering my advice/service with much more affordable options with user experience to back it up. Feels like the time I went TCC and saw their 3d printing department which was just a sales funnel for a certain expensive printer brand, that “professor/salesmen” I would not call a all around professional of 3d printing by any means, but he knew how to use his printers and sell people on them.
That said if you love the POLY setup and love the price it costs ect Then great. Just from me I know you could have more bang for your $$$$ with more functionality with possibly even less hassle than what you have now and that just my opinion.

I want to publicly say thank you to the members who welcomed me in DM, warning of the possible “blow back” and not to take it personally :slight_smile:

The “blow back” is because of your condescending demeanor. You deleted a post earlier before I could reply to it and it’s best that you did. :face_with_monocle:

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Yeah as someone who can read said deleted post (as a moderator of this forum), you really showed your arrogance in it and why this type of solicitation doesn’t go over well here.

I’ll just leave it that your statement on ABS was so absurd I almost spit my drink out a little bit.

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If you’re taken aback at someone calling out your professionalism as a business owner, you might want to go back to TCC and find a business communications class or a brush-up on rhetoric and composition in the English department.

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