3D Design Services

I was wondering if anyone here does design services?

I want to design a violin chin rest with an extension where I can mount for a GoPro. The camera would face or point toward the instrument.
There are already a number of GoPro mounts on ThingiVerse (the 3D website for sharing designs); but I have not seen a decent violin chin rest out there, but there may be.

I used to use Shapr3D for the iPad, but it’s not cheap and I am a home/hobbyist so I couldn’t see keeping it.

Message Me Here if You’re Interested

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Not sure if you’re a member, but we have deals with Dassault to offer the latest Solidworks hobby license, and also a tricked out version of 2017 on the Jump server. I also hear very good things about OnShape.

I can help you design it for free, as long as you do the driving/implementation. Otherwise, maybe someone will offer their services.

I am interested in helping you. I am new to Dms and I am still finding my way around. I am fairly good at solidworks. Dm me and we can figure out the details


Since I can’t find a decent, existing model or design of a violin chinrest on ThingiVerse… I would have to bring one in and use calipers or a measuring tool to get the dimensions correct? It does not have to be perfect as the chinrest doesn’t interact with other parts. Once the chinrest is modeled in solid works, you may be able to drag in a GoPro camera mount model from ThingiVerse and determine what is the best way to support the GoPro mount.

Does that approach seem sensible? It seems like a lot of work.

Ya all those things can be done with out too much effort. I you need help with any part of the process just let me know!

We have a Revopoint POP 3D scanner. IDK how to use it, but that might be worth pursuing, esp. if your chin rest has complex curves.

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Several more here:


Where is this 3d scanner at? Do they have a computer that is powerful enough to work with such big files. 3d scanners make file right?( I do not know What kind of file they work with)

If I recall, the 3D scanner requires training from the 3D Fab.
Usually they do export a file of some sort, whether that’s a set of points, or it builds a vertex model I’m not sure…

We have more than enough computers at the space that are capable of handling that kind of processing without problem.

Alternatively, if you have an iphone 12 pro or later, it comes with built in 3D lidar scanner, and I hear it’s fairly accurate.

I believe the iphones export as .obj format meshes, and you can import into CAD so you can trace it and/or design around it.

Photogrammetry is another option

Is this done with an app? If so which one ( asking any one out there at knows)

If you have the iphone that has lidar, I believe it has a built in app, but you can download additional apps.

If you are using photogrammetry, then you can do this on basically any computer (smartphones included) since it is a technique of mapping out 3d space using multiple images.

Revopoint POP 3D scanner, I am not sure, I’ve never used it.

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If you are free today, tomorrow , or Friday , I will be at DMS and I am will to take a look at your project and help you

Hi Everyone… I’m back!! I did get a membership to Makerspce, so I’m uh, leggit.

Anyway… yeah if somebody has any time in the evening and is interested designed the violin chin rest with a mount for a GoPro message me. It appears there are online 3D models for both the chin rest, and the mount or part of the mount.