Your clay may be nationalized


So, if you’ve got stuff in Fired Arts, and you haven’t been around for a couple of months or so, we might be thinking about nationalizing your clay.

We’ve switched to a Project Storage kinda thing for your clay. Same spot as always, and we’re trying to be kinder/gentler than the big Project Storage area.

So – there are Storage cards for the month. I apologize for not having the Dec 2016 cards ready, but it is okay if you just write Dec over the Nov on your card. The goal is not to limit how long you can leave your clay IF YOU’RE RELATIVELY ACTIVE IN FIRED ARTS, but to keep from saving clay for folks forever when they never come back. Your email and phone number is a promise to contact you before we nationalize your clay.

If anybody knows Amna, Jacob and Mark, or Kendall, you might let them know that we’re thinking of claiming their clay at the end of December.

Plus, if you’ve made something since … oh, say, September, talk to me about your bisque ware. You really need to glaze it and take it home. Some of the older stuff is stored in boxes – the ones that have 10/16 on them…


I have about 6-8 small coin-shaped pendants that need to be glazed, plus a lumpy two-handled cup whose whereabouts I’m not sure of.

I will be in this weekend to glaze the pendants!


I’m pretty sure all that will be on the bisque shelves. I haven’t put anything up in boxes since October, although I probably will on Monday.


Great IDEA!
@dryad2b if you would like a few months of cards printed, I will freely do this as a small penance for my laziness of finishing projects in the fired arts. Please PM me the file and quantities wanted.


Hey, I’m Mark (Jacob is my kiddo). I’ll try and get by soon to organize my Clay


Cool – just letting me know is good. I’m mostly trying to weed out folks who’ve totally vanished.