Yeah, don't do this

So a recent change to the warm up program had a potentially dangerous bug. It included a line:
G01 z-0.01 F100
this works if, and ONLY IF the G54 Zeta is set to zero. That should be done as part of clean up but it doesn’t mean that has happened. Without that zero the spindle WILL move downward to .01 above the zeta with no care for what is in it’s wake. It did in fact move on me down to the vise.
All things considered, a .01" move as part of a warm up is a worthless move. I have removed this offending line. So the take away here is that unless you are an expert at hand coding G-code, don’t do it.

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I also noticed that the spindle warm up stopped completing recently and keeps running on repeat. Haven’t had a chance to look over the g-code to find root cause yet.

Did this happen for you?

It has always run on repeat. It just wasn’t worth changing.