WTB - CNC router

Hello, anyone have a cnc router for sale in the dfw area???


Trust me tried…it’s dry

What is your size & price target?

36x36 ish or 48x48 2-6k

Well, if you could find a way to live with 60", this is in the price range and cutting it down to your desired length is certainly doable.

It’s nice but no way to move or power that monster

This is a router I’ve wanted for a long time. 30x48" well within your price range. He runs a waiting list for batch production and I have no idea what his current production status is. He sells the metal parts and CNC Router Parts sells the mechanicals, servos and electronics.


You might be surprised. At 2500 lbs, it would be easy to move. Jack it up, put dollies under it, and roll on/off a trailer/winch setup that you could rent for less than $200. As for power, the specs say: Standard table requires 220V Single phase 20 amps. That’s certainly not large power.

My CNC is about 4-4500 lbs and I moved it from the Houston area to my garage, ran it for awhile, and then moved it again to a shop. Never had more than 2 people involved at any point during the moves.

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Why limit yourself to something someone else built that’s “Meh OK”.

A bit of a different suggestion–how about the MPCNC (mostly printed CNC)? I’ve seen people do good work on aluminum with these, and they’re cheap–I am sure wood would work well too.


If you’re willing to do some assembly, you can get kits of the parts, or if you want to print it yourself that’s also an option.


These kits are pretty reasonable too

The Shapeoko XXL is a good starter CNC too.

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I have a small China CNC with a 2.2kw spindle that I need to sell. Willing to make a deal. Just picked up a much larger one.