WTB: 3.5" low profile SCSI hard drives 2017

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to bring some old Macs back to life and am looking for old SCSI hard drives that work. Anything from 40MB to 120MB is easily usable.



Might not have anything that small, but I do have some 3.5" SCSI 50pin disks in the 1-4GB range.

Looks like I might be able to use 1G drives but will have to use a 3rd party formatting tool as Apple’s only supports their drives on the older OSes. Luckily I have that on an external hard drive :slight_smile:

Damn, I just threw out lots of SCSI cables, terminators, cases possible with a few drives.

I have an old Fujitsu mas3184np drv.
18 GB, 15k rpm, u320
more info here

Not a low profile drv
Let me if you’re interested

Moments like that are what sometimes trigger hoarding.


Hoarding? There is no hoarding.
Just stock for future projects.


I too am not a hoarder. Neither was Fred - he just ran out of space as I do.


Thanks, but won’t work for what I need.

I’ll be able to put hands on the drives early next week and will be at DMS on Thursday night.

Thanks Zach!

Met your wife last night - @FrenchFrog - in Metaza training. :smiley:

That was a fun class! You should take that training if you haven’t yet - it’s a cool way to engrave some of the smaller things you cut out on the Plasma CNC.

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I have one of these:


Will that work?

I think so. How much did you want for it?

1 beer

… damn Nazi-Talk taking away from the fun of this joke. Please, for the love of Bob, someone neuter Talk’s nanny mode.

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I’ll wipe it tonight and either hand it to you on Thursday or put it in your box.

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I know I have a hoard of old SCSI drives packed away in storage that I will soon be digging out and probably parting with. Also have lots of old MFM and RLL interface 5-1/4" hard drives from way back in the early PC days…

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I attached a 1GB external SCSI drive into a Mac Plus with no fuss. The folks at vcfed saw no reason I couldn’t use an arbitrarily large drive. The System 6 OS formatted it in about 20 minutes. Are you running something older than System 6?

No. Those older Macs won’t use non-Apple drives with the built-in OS tools for partitioning and formatting. I have a 3rd party tool that I can use for that though. :slight_smile:

So, this thread made me drag out my DEC 3000 Model 300, the last thing I have with single-ended SCSI on it, to wipe the disks. Several hours later, it appears that the 300 will no longer get past POST due to bad RAM. I tried all the various tricks: eraser on the edge connector, flux remover, wiggling/swapping DIMMS. No luck. :frowning: