Woodworking tools auction?

Does anyone have any details on the tools that are sitting in the new space dock area? There’s a band saw and the spindle sander and a few others. Someone mentioned to me there was going to be an auction but I haven’t found anything about it on talk.

Holy crap!! We have a space dock??!! We really are the best Makerspace ever.

Also, @Team_Woodshop


Ah, smartass MB. How I’ve missed you…


Hey, Paul: I’m taking over the sale of these items for woodshop. My plan is to put the prices up next week because I’m off of work and plan on being around the space. Mark, Committee Chair, says that these items have to be listed publicly but if you are interested, let me know and I’ll be sure to ping you when it goes down :)…

BTW, a few of the items are not for sale, including the delta bandsaw and the vs scroll saw, also delta.

I donated the Sears Bandsaw. Name your price, sell it with the other stuff.

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Just FYI I spoke with @RoboGreg who I thought the bandsaw was still on loan from and he said its the spaces so it can go to an auction for sale. If these got to an auction please make sure its public and not just for DMS members.


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Yep, Alex, Mark was very clear that it has to be a public listing, not just for members. While an auction might generate a little more money, Mark and I agree listing with a firm but reasonable price will be a good option.


Marshal, maybe you haven’t seen the progress on the Space Dock… https://youtu.be/6-PVvxE7Wxs

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lol…that was pretty good! I didn’t even get it for a half second which made the aha moment even funnier for me.

Give me 3 clicks left and favor center. :innocent:

That should get you in the center.

Russell Ward

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Reminds me of the scene in a funny movie Mr. and Mrs Smith, two assassins that got married not knowing the other was an assassin that they were in competition with. After a shootout where they were just beginning to suspect who the other one was they come home to heir house and sit down for dinner: “I missed you today, honey.” “Awww…I missed you too.


Not having guard rails rails on the openings is just asking for trouble. And what about stray meteors? Sheesh!

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Some improvements made to the Space Dock. Still no guard rails. Also we’re heading to a new galaxy.


Hi Jeff. Any new info on the auction listing this week? Thanks much.

Hey, Paul - working on it now…tell me what you are interested in…

Hey Paul, getting ready to go live on Facebook Market Place in about 10 Min under tools: Search for DMSpace.

Listing Bosch Miter Saw
Delta VS scroll
Oscillating Sander
14" Delta Bandsaw

Don’t forget to add the Sears Craftsman bandsaw to the list (as pictured above).

And there is a (probably defunct?) sitting on the floor under Saw Stop…is that up for auction as well? @Mrksls2

The scroll saw works fine. It is up for auction as well.