Woodworking Request

My neighbor asked if I knew anyone that would be able to make something like this Mickey Mouse mug holder for Christmas. I would do it but I am pretty locked up through the end of the year. If anyone else would be interested, please let me know. You will of course be compensated.

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If you don’t find a DMS member who has time to tackle this, I am a former member with my own woodworking business and equipped with 2 large CNC routers. Message me to follow up.
Bert Rabbe

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I would suggest using Bert’s company. His work is outstanding. I’m envious of his woodworking skills actually, especially his CNC skills.

At least ask him home much he’d do it for. I don’t think you’ll find a better person than Bert to work with. He did a lot of great things for DMS and he’s very knowledgeable about woodworking stuff especially.


Bert is a pro, you would do well to just hire him.

I agree with Burt as he’s been a mentor to me in many sense and has more machinery and experience but I’ll also throw my services in to the ring but(go with Burt lol)

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