Woodshop training this week

Hi all,

My friend and I just signed up today and were wondering if anyone would be available this week to give us some basic training to use the woodworking shop tools. Evenings work better for both of us but if you’re free just let me know and we can work something out.

Thanks, Zach

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There is a Woodshop Basics class this Saturday 9/12 at 1pm. Rush over, and sign in now.

Main website, Events. Select Category, and Woodworking. You’ll need to sign in – top right corner; your username you’ve already set up today, and that same password.

Rush – these classes are small, and just because there is at least one opening Right Now, that may not last.


Ah ok I see, thank you!

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Wow, I am so disappointed! I, too, have just joined and need the Woodshop Basics training. I see that there are no longer any spaces available. Will there be another class this week? Is there any possibility that the class can take on one more student? If not, when will there be another class?

Just a heads up, there is one more spot available for the class on Thursday:

I will also probably add another class either Tuesday 9/29 or Wednesday 9/30, but have to see how my work schedule falls out.