Woodshop Training Requests Q3 2021

Hello, unfortunately the class on the 17th has already filled up. Me and my buddy were hoping to get to work in the shop this week or next, is there anyone who would be willing to run a session for us any evening? I will bribe you with homebrew cider and mead.

The Aug 31st class shows full, but if you click it, it has 2 open spots as of now

I have added two more classes [sorry can’t make another one in August]. They will open on the calendar in 72 hours [Monday morning]

Sept 8th: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Sept 15th: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar


Just a heads up, there is a free spot for tomorrow’s class…

Sept 8th: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

There have been several cancellations to the Woodshop Basics class tonight - so if you need the class and can make it tonight there are a couple of open slots [the calendar states “FULL” but will allow two more members to sign up].

Link to class: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

The next open [scheduled] class is: Sept 30: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

Sounds like there’s been talk of having a refresher course on the Multicam CNC after all the hard work that has been put in on it. I’m interested in this. Who’s the best person to talk about this? Is there already a class in the works?

Class is in the works but there are still bugs being worked out. The other roadblock is the lack of computer lab. I plan to teach the software side once the computer lab is reinstituted. It will be a multi step process to become certified: CAD (solidworks etc), CAM (vcarve 11), a machine operation class, and then a separate test/sign off. CAD and CAM are universal across all our CNCs, and the machine operation and sign off will be machine specific.


I am not currently a member of DMS, but I am looking forward to joining mostly (at the moment) for the access/use of the woodshop. However, per the DMS rules, I am unable to use much of the equipment until I have completed the required courses.

These required courses, understandably so, fill up very quickly, so I have been unable to get a space in one and, as a result, have put getting my membership on hold.

I understand and appreciate that the courses are taught by volunteers, but I just wanted to make this post to indicate that I would greatly appreciate as many courses as possible (or courses with more spaces), so that I can get into one and begin enjoying the facilities of the woodshop.

Additionally, I would glady provide any sort of “bribe” requested by any of the volunteers that are willing and able to give me a sort of 1:1 instruction that can provide the certification to use these tools.

Thank you so much!

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There appears to be an opening in tonight’s Woodshop Basics class…


ALSO NOTE: Masks are now required at DMS, the policy has changed since the class was added to the calendar.

Howdy Woodshop Team!

I just moved into the area and unfortunately had to give up my woodshop in the process. I have done carpentry since 2005 with several Best in State’s from the high school days. I also did a 2 year stint as the volunteer carpenters mate on the tall ship Elissa down in Galveston. Other experience is as an operations manager in construction related fields. I am eager to learn y’alls system and get cleared on the machines. Is there any way I can get into the class next Thursday or will the be a class before the middle of October? Not opposed to a donation to make this happen. Once I’m certified, I have no problem teaching an occasional weekend class for people. I work most nights so I will have trouble making the usual meetings.


If there is one, I’d want to attend as well! It looks like there aren’t any scheduled on the calendar that are still open.

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I am available to teach a one on one or up to 3 people on Wed night 30 sep 21 at 630p.

Sam thank you for offering to do a class tonight! I wont be able to get the time off today to attend on such short notice, but I really appreciate you stepping up and offering you time.

No problem at all

Hello, Sam! Is it okay if I fill his spot in the evening class tomorrow?

I was only going to be there on the night of the 29 sorry