Woodshop Training Requests Q3 2021

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Let’s centralize all training requests and class postings to consolidated, quarterly posts.
If you’d like a class, post it here. (mods, feel free to merge new topics into one post each quarter.)
If you’re posting a class for a certain date, announce it here.
Please remember that all classes are taught by volunteers who are giving up their own making time to teach. Woodshop and Lathe basics classes typically ask for a $10 donation to Woodshop to help cover supplies and maintenance costs.
If you’re unable to make classes repeatedly, you’re always welcome to ask for 1-1 training and / or offer teachers an incentive (like cash, rare wood, snacks, or otherwise.)
Mods is it possible to pin this in the Woodshop category?

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I’ve had a few people in the turning classes interested in pen making classes. @Sam_Violett , @jnorine, @Jerry_Kassebaum and others?

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I will be out of town till the 19th of July. When I get back in I will be posting some classes for the pen turning along with a wine stopper class. Summer has been busy so far with the grandkids than I thought.



I’m up in upstate NY working some summer stock theatre, but my plan (with woodshop’s blessing) was to start offering twice a month pen classes starting in September. Unless people thought that was a bad idea.


July 22nd 5:30 pm woodshop basic class just submitted. Will show up on calendar in a few days


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Is there anyone who would be willing to teach a Lathe Basics class on a weekend? I would love to be able to get into wood turning in the near future.

Hi Daniel, the is a space open tonight at 5:30 if you can make it. Just drill down on the header to register even though it shows as full. Just added one to the calendar for 7/17 @ 9:30 that should show in 48 hours.

Unfortunately I will not be available for tonight, however, I will keep an eye out for the class on the 17th. Thank you so much!

The July 22nd class might show as full but it actually has an opening due to a cancellation.
You can click it and register.

Hello! Was this spot filled? I would love to attend!

It opened up yesterday then was taken. You can keep an eye on the class in case of another cancelation

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And by “keep an eye” on the class, we mean clicking on the class, and through to the “more information”, where it will either say that it’s full, or that there’s a slot open. We haven’t fixed the problem that makes the class show full once it’s hit full, and then never change, but at least the cancelled slot will open up for the next student to sign up.

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Would anyone be willing to teach a class on bowl turning?

New to the space and looking to be checked out on the machines in the woodshop. I see the Aug 10 date is full up and was checking to see when the next Basics class is being planned or if I could meet someone to be checked out on the tools.

I just submitted two classes to the calendar.
They should show up in a few days
Aug 17 and 24 at 5:15 pm
Keep an eye on them if you want to sign up for the woodshop basic class.


Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Thank you @Youssefb, a friend and I will be joining soon and were hoping for another class section to open up.


The classes are up:
Aug 17: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Aug 24: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

I also added one [will go live in 3 days] and looking at the schedule for another day…
Aug 31: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

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