Woodshop Training for 2

My husband and I are new members and need woodshop training. According to the “unofficial and incomplete woodshop manual” this is the process. We have toured the facility a few weeks ago, but have not had orientation.
Looking forward to being part of the space!

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Classes can be found here: Events |Dallas Makerspace Calendar

The class will be similar to this one [this one is full right now]: Events |Dallas Makerspace Calendar

I know Peter (@BirdMan) was thinking about putting another one up for next week, so you’ll want to check the calendar regularly. We typically have 3-5 classes a month - and most classes will be put up a week or so ahead of time [why there are not any on the calendar right now].

You can also join the discord server - new classes are posted over there as they open up. Info about the discord server can be found here: Can't find a link to the discord - #4 by jast

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Hey, I’m a new member who’s looking to get into the safety training class. I have past experience with many machines as I’m not new to the woodworking process. I understand that I must get approved for machines, what’s the best way to find out when the next available safety class is and how can I make sure I’m in it??

If you are on our Discord server, there’s a Calendar channel that adds each class as it goes live to the Calendar. For instance, today this class just opened up:

:newspaper: | Woodshop Safety and Orientation

That’s on Wednesday, and as of Right This Minute, it still has slots open. You need to log in to the Calendar with your username (not your email) and the password for your account.

If you don’t get signed into that one, just watch the Calendar daily. We don’t have any mechanism/program that lets you get on a wait list.

Wow, that was a fast fill up! Thanks Beth.

Yeah – the classes are small, and everyone wants them. So – poof!