Woodshop Training - Do I need to take it again?

I need to know if I’m still certified for all the things in the Woodshop. My name is still on the lists from the Wiki(woodshop/lathe/cnc), but I don’t know if anything has changed requiring me to update my training. I haven’t worked on anything in the Woodshop since late 2019.

I’ll sign up for Woodshop Basics, but just trying to keep that spot open for someone that NEEDS it if I’m still authorized. For now I just need to use a table saw to cut down some 4’x8’ 1/8" MDF into pieces sized for the laser.

David Summers (pinewoodnut)

From that time period your authorization is still good (and it looks like it’s active). However, if you feel that you would be unsafe or unable to use the requipment without damaging it, I highly recommend a refresher, either with a class or someone that is knowledgable.


My main concern is knowledge that is considered “common” but isn’t documented.

I remember how to use a table saw and don’t have any concerns with making sure dust extraction is on with vent open before I start. I have no plans to put my hands near the blade. I wont be stacking hundreds of pounds of material on the outfeed table and don’t plan to ride a hoverboard while using the tools.


Sounds like you’d be at home in Machine Shop.


Oh, nonono. We kicked out the last guy who rode a hover board in Machine Shop.

Correct. He stated he didn’t plan to ride a hoover board. So he’d be welcome.


lolololol…Mr. Joking, we hardly knew ye.

Id make sure you are comfortable with manipulating sheet goods on the table saw if you’ve not done much of that kind of work. There are plenty of youtube videos out there and typically a few people around the space that can help. Hands near the blade and binding a large piece of material in the saw are very different but both dangerous.

I’ve personally always been in favor of a sheets on saw stop only policy