Woodshop Teacher Passes Multicam Test - Must not be that difficult:)

Great news! @Tski, otherwise known as Tom, has found the time out of his crazy busy schedule to get squared away on the Multicam. Tom could very well be the most prolific wood shop teacher DMS has ever had. We are looking forward to enticing him to apply those great teaching skills to helping with the Multicam CAM classes in the future.

Talk about uneventful. Sometimes these tests are nail biters, but this was downright boring. He was very well prepared and hit the ground running. He had to complete checking out by 6:30 since that was when his next wood shop basics class began. His students were all excited to see their teacher’s latest accomplishment.

Didn’t even look down, inserted the bit all by touch.

Three tool paths in.

Preparing for the final profile run

10 minutes later… all done and ready to teach his latest batch jr wood chucks the DMS way.

In all seriousness, we want to thank Tom for his effort to make DMS a safer and better place for all members to enjoy.