Woodshop repair tech coming


Please use this thread to list everything in the woodshop that needs repairing. I am having a woodworking machine repair tech come in next week and I don’t want to miss anything and have to pay for another service call. Big or small, list it here so that it can be addressed. Obviously, only the big stuff is going to be presented to the tech, but this is as good a place as any to start compiling a list of everything that needs attention.


I keep reading on Talk that the height adjustment on the drill press platform needs attention.


The delta table saw doesn’t have the mechanism in place to lock the axle when trying to tighten or loosen the bolt for changing the blade.
I think there is a peak/hole in the duct work where the jointer and planer dust collection ductwork joins the main dust collection duct work. May already be repaired.
The tool rest (maybe called a banjo) on the big powermatic lathe is very hard to maneuver.
The jointer leaves raised lines on the wood, might be a chipped blade.
The planer adjustment wheel is so loose it is hard to tell where you actually spun the wheel on your last pass.
That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.


I believe Robert Steele worked on the Delta Saw last night and fixed a couple of things.


Missing the raise/lower handles for the repaired router as of 11\15.

No 1/4" collets for router.


Roboreel needs repaired.


The third Jet lathe seems kaput. It may just be in a state of disarray/disassembly, but more than likely it needs some real attention.


Is the Multicam Vacuum Pump already fixed or at least on the list?


Be good to give the Multicam a once over for missing bolts/screws. I have noticed some machine screws showing up in the magnetic bowl by the monitor. Afraid that means they fell out of something and were put in the bowl just in case someone can figure out where they came from. I have periodically looked a bit without success. Might be good to have a run at with an inspection mirror to peek up in the nooks and crannies.


The Multicam dust skirt that attaches magnetically needs to be taped assisted as one of the magnets is missing.


Yes, I can confirm that the height adjustment track does not engage on the drill press. You can still move it up/down but with difficulty.


Bandsaws could use a look at the guides/bearings. Thanks.


And the wheels and alignment.
Delta rocks on the travel platform.

— powermatic lathe —
Tail stock screw is probably bent