Woodshop repair team is looking for new volunteers

Howdy all,
The wood shop is looking for members that want to give back to DMS by joining the repair team. You will be required to respond to issues and requests on talk for the woodshop, the time requirement for volunteers is 5 hrs or more a week.

We are looking for individuals that have experience in the OEM worlds of Automotive manufacturing or OEM repair, heavy Equipment, machine Manufacturing, or industrial equipment install and/or repair.

Must have understating of the OEM process for diagnosis and repair. This isn’t for the novice handy person that can spare an hour or two on a limited basis…

Saturday morning we will be installing new tires on the big laguna bandsaw. There is a 24 hrs glue dry time and Sunday afternoon we will complete the repair and bring the saw back in service.

From there we we will expand into other equipment as the need arise. Please private measage me if you are interested in joining the team:

Note: there will be other volunteer
Opportunities within the woodshop on the routine maintenance team; which will only require a few hours a month and is a great place for novice members with limited mechanical experience to learn more about maintenance and upkeep of the individual tools in the woodshop.


When I look for volunteer opportunities that I might might consider, I generally avoid those that contain the words “requirement” and “must.” Just sayin’.


Well just being honest about the time commitment when you volunteer.

I’d just take what I can get from skilled volunteers and be happy and grateful I got it.

(Rather than scaring them off with commitments)

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Thankfully we found two new volunteers that understand the level of commitment and the responsibility they are taking on.

Iam grateful for them and thankful…

However we still need a few more with the correct skill sets for the repair team…

We do need people that have limited time but still want to give back to DMS on the maintenance teams…

the equipment maintenance requirements range from 15 minutes to and hour a month… it just depends on machine…

Unfortunately repairs takes hours, which is why the commitment is so much greater.

I spoke with you in the woodshop the other day and shared my interest in joining the repair team, especially focusing on maintenance initially. Growing up in a carpenter family has given me a solid foundation in shop experience. Although some of the machines in your space might be new to me, I’m eager to learn, grow, and become a contributing member.

Looking forward to the opportunity!