Woodshop 1 class

Hello There!

After 1+ years of lurking on the forums, my husband and I finally have our Makerspace memberships :slight_smile:

We want to take the woodshop classes first, and we read on the descriptions that only the first one is requirement. Sadly all the available spots that I see on the calendar are during work hours.

Is there any chance of coordinating a class during the weekend? Which would be the minimum of assistance for the class?

Thank you!


Woodshop 1-4 are needed to use the tools in the woodshop. Those 4 classes will get you access to everything except the CNC Multicam and the lathes.

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Oh, I know that… I meant that except for the first one there is no specific order for the classes :slight_smile:


I’m sure you could ask the Woodshop chair. Paging @Mrksls2

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I just saw there is a woodshop 1 on the calendar for Saturday June 1st at 10 AM.

Awesome! Thank you!