Wood Turning - Tool Sharpening

If you sharpened this gouge freehand and would like to learn to use the sharpening jig we have for gouges please contact me via PM to set up a time and we will get you trained.


That won’t cut anything.

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I don’t know, it cut into my will to live a little.



that looks like just one bad example out of several in the drawer.

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Mike, the difference here is that we have a jig to sharpen these types of gouges. This one appears to have been sharpened freehand.

Oh I understand

I was being a little sarcastic. The sharpening talents of the masses are amazing


Paul, if you’re interested, I can hold a mic and video camera when you sharpen the tools to make a video for the wiki. It might need BoD and/or Education’s approval before posting, but maybe it would help.

That might be something to think about! Thanks!

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