Wood storage process

I need to store 3 8ft boards for a few days but when I was there last,the storage area for wood always looks chaotic. Do I just print a ticket and squeeze it in somehow?

paging @Team_Logistics

I believe the vertical storage is actually maintained by Team_Woodshop. As it’s technically in the woodshop annex.

If you can find a way to “bundle” your boards together, that would be extremely helpful. Rope, bungee cords, etc.

nope, its part of the storage kiosk system.

its going to be getting purged and cleaned soon to clear up some of that mess.

@trurobertson youll need to put a tag on your stuff and find a spot for it. you could also put them under a table on a pallet with a tag on them as well.

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vcc has a sheet of mdf that were needing cut up for the mame terminal. I think its current with its registration but if not ill come down and take care of it

I will do as you say Pearce. Thanks everyone for the replies.