Wood shop - buy materials

Is there a lumber yard, building material vender DMS peeps buy from. I’m looking for marble desk top and beetle killed pine lumber??? Is there some where local all DMS?

This is a good reference:


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Thank you for that link

does anyone know if any of them are currently closed due to/open in spite of plague?

I can only verify that Rockler, Wood World and Woodcraft are open, although a phone call to the others might clarify the others.


Hardwood Lumber Co. was open 2 weeks ago. It was my first time there and they were very friendly and helpful. I wore a mask and they let me pick through a new stack of walnut.


I like the Hardwood Lumber Co. Me & my wife talked with the owner for over an hour a couple years ago. Not many places are like that. My wife seemed to really like all the expensive lumber, in the 15-$20 bf, which he advised against getting due to the project intentionally going outside.


Central Hardwoods, Plywood Company of Fort Worth, McKillican American, and Sweeney are all open.