Wood Missing! I need help to find it

Hello Every one,

On Monday 11/13 evening around 5:30 PM, I left 2 sheets of wood with a label which say “Jen” on it for my friend to pick it up. Unfortunately, my friend got sick, and she couldn’t pick it on that day. Today she went there to find that wood is missing. Please let me know how I can help my friend to find that wood.

@jsnowfreedman Has anyone mentioned this atpund the laser cutting area recently? I did check the general wood storge and around the shop area.

Hey!! Please let me know how to find this missing wood!!

I have not seen anything out of place… I will say that generally that wall is for scrap wood, people are not supposed to take things with names there…but…

Look on the camera feed for few hours and see who moved, stole the wood. There is a name on it visible from the picture. If someone took the wood being labeled, indifferent of it being in the wrong place, as it was in the wrong place, they need to be harshly dealt with. The fact that we don’t tolerate theft, if that is what happened, allows all of us to leave our things out on tables and not worry about them disappearing when we walk away.

@jsnowfreedman is super busy, maybe someone else can help out with doing the video search.

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I think that “harshly” is a bit harsh. That looks like scrap wood on top of more scrap wood.

Two pieces of perfectly square plywood. I think you would be singing a different tune if they were yours and 12mm Russian Baltic Birch.

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I get it but they’re literally on a wall designated for scraps. I wouldn’t leave my wood there.

I get your point and I wouldn’t leave wood there either. This is a really new user who was trusting in the goodness of DMS’ membership. So let’s find who took the wood, if it was an honest mistake, show them grace. If the taker of the materials was indifferent or gaming the system, whack’em.


I’ve looked at the video. The name tag that was placed on the wood, fell off a few hours after the wood was placed against the wall when someone picked up a length of wood that was laying on the floor, and stood it up.


Name tag on floor.

The person who took the wood 2 days later, didn’t know it was not scrap.

There was definitely no foul play


Thanks @mreynolds for taking the time to review this.

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Thank you all for the help!! But I labeled on the tape and it is really interesting how the masking tape fell off which usually takes lot of energy to rip it off from the wood!

You might put a note on the wall explaining that the wood belonged to someone but was mistakenly taken and ask for the person to bring it back.

Someone undoubtedly thinks they scored a really nice package of wood from the scrap pile and might bring it back if they realize it wasn’t intended for taking. Only a small percentage of people use Talk and that person probably doesn’t know the real situation.

It may not help but it can’t hurt.


That’s a good Idea! I will try that. Thank you.

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I am sorry that your wood is missing.

The lesson here is that DMS is not a good place to leave something lying around.

There are too many members to allow everybody to do that for too long.

If it is not in a personal storage bin, properly placed in project storage or one of the accepted exceptions like a project drying on a work table with a note stating the owner and when it will be removed, there can be no expectation it will not go missing.

If I had to leave some wood like that for someone else, either

  • Put it in project storage and direct them to get it there
  • Label it with the name and put it in lost and found. Sheets of wood can be slid behind the shelf so that it is not so easily noticed

Don’t rely on leaving your personal stuff around DMS for any length of time. the area you left the wood in is not personal storage. Exceptions exist of course (wood glue-ups come to mind, or resin curing in pressure pots).

However, you’re insinuating that somebody possibly removed your note. It’s better to listen to the others who’ve posted advice about how you avoid this situation going forward.


Thank you all for your support